Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 28. 2010

Hey everyone!

How is it going? Things here are going great! Although not too much exciting stuff happened this week. Wednesday after we got done with p-day we stayed at the church a little while longer to help with a cub scout fitness activity. That was fun. We helped a bunch of ten year old boys to run and long jump and high jump and stuff. It was exciting. It was amazing how much energy those kids have! Then Thursday we went to Bro Lily's house again. We go there every Thursday for lunch. He is awesome. He has had missionaries over for lunch every Thursday for over twenty years and he isn't in our ward. He is in my district leaders ward. So the four of us go and every now and then the Mandarin missionaries go as well. So its pretty fun. He is hilarious and makes some pretty good food. He loves having us over because he is the only member in his family and he likes having the extra priesthood in his house. He is kind of an older guy and has some health issues. Including having cancer. So he wanted us to come back on Monday to give him a blessing because he was going into the doctor Tuesday to see if he needs kemo (or however you spell that) He had asked the doctors to try everything they could before kemo because he really didn't want to go on it because he has seen a lot of people die from being on it. So he was really scared to go to the doctor. So we went and gave him a blessing. It was awesome. There were six of us missionaries and he was so happy that we could all be there. He is a very emotional guy. I love going there and talking to him. I haven't been able to hear how things went yet but we will see this Thursday at lunch.

It started snowing this weekend. yea... bummer... so we were out walking around on Saturday and it started snowing pretty hard. And of course we weren't any where near our house so we were pretty wet after a while. Luckily, I had brought a little coat so my top half was still pretty dry. haha. But we had a really good experience that night. We had a "Reflections of Christ" fireside. It was awesome. The photographer, singer and pianist from Reflections of Christ came and it was sweet. They set up a whole bunch of pictures in the gym that you could go and walk around and listen to the music playing. That was going on pretty much all day. From one to... really late at night. haha. But then at seven they had a fireside that they put on. That was the best part I thought. All three of them were there and they gave really good talks and in between them they performed some of their songs. It was awesome. They were all really good speakers, especially Mark Mabry the photographer. I loved his talk. I wish I could give good talks... and the music was amazing as well. I loved it. It made me so happy to be there and to be here on my mission testifying of Christ to everyone. I wish we could have things like that more often! But there weren't too many people there which was kind of sad. It was because it was snowing so hard outside. It wasn't too bad when we went because we went a little earlier then seven but on the way back it was pretty bad. It was kind of fun to drive in actually. Especially because the people we were getting a ride from were listening to this banjo music the whole way. And the windshield wipers stopped working for a while and then when they started working again one of the almost fell off. It made for a fun ride home! haha

That was pretty much the highlight of my week... not much else happened. We taught some lessons and walked around a lot and rode our bikes a lot. Which kind of sucks because our area is basically just one big hill. My legs have been hurting all week! And it doesn't help that is snowed this weekend. And it snowed last night too. And it is still snowing pretty good outside. But luckily we get the car back today for the week. We won't have to walk around in this weather! Other than that not much happened. Our district had a tie trade on Monday. That was fun. I got some pretty sweet ties including an awesome clip-on one! haha. Oh and last night we had Haitian food for dinner. We have like three or four families from Haiti in our ward and they like making us eat weird food. So last night we walk in and this guy brings out a plate of fish... WHOLE fish. there were 8 of them... staring at me... and then he brought out a bunch of other food that looked weird but not too bad and then he brought out this bowl of sauce with another fish staring out of it. I was kind of freaking me out at this time. haha. But once I started eating it was delicious! Kind of messy but delicious! Probably one of the weirdest but best meals I have had on my mission. Anyway, that was exciting. It made me wish I was on a mission in Haiti. haha

Well, that is it from me for this week. I hope you are all doing great! Have fun and I can't wait to tell you about this upcoming week. Next week I get to tell you if I am transferred as well. I don't think I'm going anywhere, but we will see! I love you guys!

Elder Townsend

There is Brother Lilly back in the back
We found this in someone's front yard! haha
Well at least someone in Canada cares about us! haha

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