Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21, 2010

Hey everyone! How is it going? I hope this week was good for you guys! It was pretty darn good for me! It started out being pretty good on Friday night when we had the baptismal interview for Heather. That was awesome. Apparently it went really well. It went for 40 minutes because she likes to talk. So the rest of us helped people set up tables in the gym while the district leader was interviewing her. Anyway. Elder Riggs, my district leader, said it went really well so that was good!

Then Saturday came around. That was a really fun day. We got a free pancake breakfast because the stake had one for the primary kids who got their family to come to church ten minutes early for four weeks straight. It was called "Miller standard time" because our stake president is President Miller. Catchy eh? "Miller standard time" instead of "Mormon standard time"? They were pretty impressed with themselves. haha. Anyway. That was awesome and we got invited because those were the tables we helped set up the night before. Then after that we went to the stake clothing give away because they wanted us to help put all the leftovers on the truck to take to DI, or whatever they call it here. So that was fun. And I got a really cool looking suit out of it. It is a little big though... kind of sad... but not too bad. Anyway, Then we went and ate lunch and then headed over to the church so that we could fill up the font. That was kind of fun, but I have to admit kind of boring. We were there for three hours and we had to be there the whole time because we had to turn it off after twenty minutes and then turn it back on after twenty minutes so that the hot water tank could refill itself. But it was kind of fun. We took Jenga. haha. Then at three Heather showed up and she went and got dressed and then looked at the program and told us we spelled her name wrong... her middle name is Dianne but it said Dianna... darn Elder Bleazard... that was the only thing he was in charge of! haha. Anyway, other then that the baptism went really well. well... as well as it could of gone with a lady that was deathly afraid of water... ya... that was interesting. Especially when she had to do it twice! She was kind of freaking out. But it happened and she was ecstatic after it was over. It was awesome. And then she got confirmed on Sunday by a guy that was in another stake. The stake that her friend that just got baptized is in. And that went really well too. Other than the fact that he showed up to the church an hour and fifteen minutes late! When he wasn't there at the beginning we just figured we would do it when he got there. Thinking he would show up like in the middle of one of the talks... but nope. It's a good thing that the high counselor was long winded or else he would have missed sacrament all together! Anyway, that was kind of stressful. But it happened and it worked out and she was happy. So that is all that matters.

Then I was in charge of teaching Sunday school and I asked them how they knew there was a God. Just from experiences they have had in their life. Heather started talking about all these things that happened at her baptism like she saw a light when she was under water (both times) and how she felt ten pounds lighter afterwards and how she felt so happy and warm when she was getting confirmed. Basically everything you want to hear from an investigator that just got baptized. haha. Anyway, that was just an awesome experience for me.

Then Monday we had zone conference. That was a good one. And it was exciting because we had it over in the east zone, so I got to go to a part of the mission that I hadn't been to before. Then yesterday we had district meetings. Those were good too. I have a pretty awesome district. All except my companion really... just my luck. haha. But then last night we had an lesson with Sam, our Asian investigator. That was awesome. He fed us a bunch of Chinese food, which was amazing! (which made two dinners that night... I almost died!) And then he told us that he didn't want a lesson he just wanted to talk to us. So we sat and talked for about an hour. But that hour was probably one of the best lessons that wasn't a lesson that I have had! We started talking about the Book of Mormon and how the only thing holding him back was the golden plates and everything that goes along with them. Like how Joseph Smith got them. and where they are now. That kind of stuff. Anyway, it was a really good lesson! Even though it wasn't a lesson according to Sam. He is an amazing guy. He is definitely going to be baptized. It might take another year or something but he will be. Hopefully it won't take that long though.

Anyway, that was pretty much my week. Not bad eh? Not bad at all....Well, I hope you all have an amazing week!

Elder Townsend

Heather, Andy (her husband), me, Elder Bleazard

We found these couches in front of these apartments. We almost took them home, but our house is tiny!

meals of a missionary...

1) breakfast: eggs, ham, parmesean cheese, cheddar cheese, and salsa on toast. with some milk
2) lunch: a whole box of macaroni and cheese (or kraft dinner if you are Canadian) and water3) dinner: steak (Alberta beef. apparently the best beef in the world) and potatoes.That's why I gain a bunch of weight. I haven't eaten this much in my life. Ever!

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