Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On his way to Calgary!

Yesterday Devin traveled to Canada and he was able to call Mom and Dad from the airport. They didn't get to talk for very long because he only had a 50 minute layover in Denver. Some of the things he told Mom are that he is traveling with 11 elders going to Calgary. He got all his packages from everyone. He gained 5 lbs at the MTC but he still fits in his clothes. He didn't have to give a talk on Sunday. He used some Nyquil from his first aid kit when he was sick. He said everything fit in suitcase and he didn't have to leave anything behind but it seems he has less stuff than everyone else but he can't imagine that he is missing anything. And he already knows it's 5 weeks until he can call again!

This morning mom checked her email hoping he could maybe send news of his safe arrival, but she was pleasantly surprised to find an email with these pictures! This is what it said:

"My name is Susan, and my son Tycen left for Canada this morning with your son. My husband works for Delta Airlines, and was able to come to the airport and see them and get some pictures. Being a mom, I thought you might also like to see how they were doing. My husband said they all looked really good, and seemed to be doing great. They were all really excited to get off and on their way. I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures.

Mom thinks he's the cutest boy in the group...and I agree! We love Elder Townsend!

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