Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hello Townsend Family
My name is Leslie Shaughnessy and I am in the Chaparral Ward in the southeast part of Calgary. Your son just left my home about 10 minutes ago with his companion Elder Byington(great missionary). I asked him for your e-mail so that I could let you know that he has arrived and is safe and sound. He is still a little shell shocked and is finding our temperatures rather chilly but otherwise he seems excited and ready to serve. We have a great ward and we love the missionaries. It is a great place for a new Elder to start. We have some great work going on here and he will be a big part of that.If there is anything I can do please let me know. I know it must be hard to say goodbye but what a great reason to do so. I have a strong testimony of missionary work and believe with all my heart that these are exceptional young men with a great spirit about them.Thank you for raising such a great young man that wants to serve the Lord. My family are converts and it was two young men just like your son and his companion that taught our family the gospel. It changed our lives forever. I hope a little news from the north helps to brighten your day and please know your son is safe and doing great.
Thank you
Leslie Shaughnessy

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