Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16, 2009

Mom and Dad,

Hey guys! So since I am leaving tomorrow and it is P-day, I won't be able to email you guys so I am going to write a letter while I'm doing my laundry instead. Which means if you want to put this letter on the blog you are going to have to type it out yourselves. Well, I would tell you that I need you to send me something but I don't think I need anything. I was going to send a box home but I didn't have anything to send home either...So I just have these pictures instead. It will make Kristen happy.

Well, here is what has been going on here. On Wednesday we went and hosted the new Elders. That was a fun experience. mostly because it was something new to do and we got to see a little of the outside world. I think it was pretty hard on some of us though. Elder Dastrup got really homesick from being so close to home and seeing a lot of his friends as they brought in other friends. But the next day we had a lesson in the TRC, or the Training...or Teaching...Resource Center. Just a place where we go teach volunteer "investigators". But in the lesson we had the Spirit very strong and at the end the man gave the closing prayer and I don't think I have ever felt the Spirit as strong as I did in that moment. And having that experience took Elder Dastrup's mind off of home and made it so that we could get to work again.

This last weekend has been rough. Everyone is really excited to leave. But we have been trying really hard to stay focused and still learn as much as we can before we go out into the field. But yesterday and today have been kind of rough. The Indiana missionaries leave at 4am tomorrow and us, Calgarians, leave at 6am. but the Bostonians don't leave until Wednesday morning. Lucky them...haha

Well, I am really excited to leave and I can't wait to get out the the MTC, on the other hand I am freaking out and nervous about going out into the actual field and doing actual missionary work.

I am glad to be leaving the MTC. The food has made me fat. The schedule is ridiculous and it is hard to sleep with all the noise at night. But it has been really nice. I have grown to love the Elders in this district and the teachers I have. It is going to be really hard to leave. I have learned so much in these last three weeks it is not even funny. I thought I knew so much already, but it is amazing to see how much I have learned about the gospel and how much I have learned about teaching it to everyone. There are so many things that I have learned that I haven't even thought about before. It is making me excited to get out into the field and see how much I can learn from people out there. I really hope I get a good trainer that will teach me as much as he can about what I need to know.

My testimony has grown so much out here that I can't even hold it in. I'm just going to have to spit my testimony out to everyone I see! Ok...maybe not. As you guys all know I don't like people or talking to people so I am going to have to get over that first.

I am so grateful that I chose to come out here on my mission and to serve the Lord with all my might for two years. I know that as I serve with all the diligence that I can muster that the Lord will bless me and help me teach the people I need to. He will also bless all of you guys as I am out here. I hope you are all doing great and getting all of the blessings that you stand in need of. I love you all and I can't wait to hear from you all soon. It might take longer to get to Calgary but it doesn't mean you shouldn't send letter still! By the way the Mission Home Address is:
Elder Devin S Townsend
Canada Calgary Mission
7044 Farrell Rd SE
Calgary, AB T2H 0T2

I love you guys so much and I miss you so much! I'll talk to you from Canada!

Elder Townsend

Me and Elder Dastrup
Elders, Hatfield, Mattson
Black, Craft, Fluckiger, me, ellsworth
Dastrup, Tukuafu, Banner

Elder Tukauafu, Fluckiger, me
The Canadians: Me, Hatfield, Dastrup

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