Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 19. 2011

This week was A-mazing!! Oh man. So Tuesday we had district meetings that went really well. Then that night we had our lesson with Rob Frost. That went well too. We went over the baptismal interview questions and made sure he was ready for Friday and then answered a couple of his questions. It went really well. He is amazing! Then we had the baptismal interview on Friday and Rob and Elder Farnsworth were in there for a while but they came out and he was ready So that was exciting. Then we had the baptism at eleven the next morning. That went really well too. It was cool because he is a volunteer on the fire dept in Pincher Creek so we had Sis Brasnett give a talk and Bro Earle played the piano and a musical number. Then Bro Westrup baptized him, he was the one that introduced him to the church. Bro Russell confirmed him there because we didn't have Sacrament meeting on Sunday.

Then after the baptism we went and had Stake Conference in Fort Macleod and Richard G Scott was there. That was awesome. They had the adult session at 6 and that went really well. It was a little interesting because he talked to us for a while about marriage and stuff, similar to his talk in conference, and then he had a big question and answer thing at the end of it but nobody really had any questions to ask him. He talked a lot about Elder Hales an how he is doing since we didn't see him at conference. Then he ended 30 mins early and shook everyone's hand that was there and the four of us missionaries were standing there and he came up to us and talked to us for a while and then we asked if we could get a picture with him so we did! That was awesome! I love Elder Scott! He is so loving and caring and funny and a lot shorter then I thought... but it was really good. Then Sunday morning at 830 he had a meeting where he invited all the recent converts and serious investigators and recently reactivated members. So that was awesome. We went as well. And yes Rob Frost made it to. That was awesome. Rob met an apostle his first full day of being a member of the church! Lucky. haha. It was a really good meeting though. A lot of question and answer there as well and he even asked a lot of questions. He asked Rob what brought him to the church and Rob talked a lot about Satan and his dark influence and how he loves the church because now he can escape that. It was awesome. Then at 10:30 he had the everyone meeting and that went really well too. Pretty similar to the other meetings. Questions. Again though nobody had too many questions. So we ended early that one too. It was really cool though. I love seeing and meeting and hearing from apostles of the Lord. I had a very strong feeling when I was there that he really is an apostle of the Lord. I love him. And I was even in the priesthood choir that they had at Stake Conference that was good too. Even though I can't sing very well and my companion dragged me into it. It was a cool experience and it gave me a good sweat. haha.

Then on Monday we all got together as a mission again in Calgary and Elder Scott met with us as well. It meant another two hour drive there at 6:00 in the morning though. But it was really good. He talked to us an so did Elder Brimhall of the 70 that came with him. (he was at stake conference too by the way) He talked a lot about how we should begin teaching people and he got a couple companionships up to role play with him. And then he asked if we had any questions so we asked him questions for a while. Some questions were actually really good but some were kind of interesting or didn't even make any sense. Then he had to take off to get to his flight so he didn't shake our hands. Luckily I already had like four times. haha. It was a really good weekend though. I loved it and to top it all off we just went to the temple today! Since we went to Calgary yesterday Pday was moved to today. So now we are still in Cardston and we are going to go play basketball with the rest of our zone. It should be good.

Oh, also. It's cold and snowy again here. It snowed six inches Saturday night which made for an interesting drive Sunday morning. Someone forgot to tell the weather that it was Spring and not Christmas... it's not to bad though. I've gotten pretty used to it. And mom, I'm learning how to drive in the snow just because you told me to! haha

Well I hope you guys had an awesome week as well. I loved mine. Hope this week is as good as the last one. Thanks for everything you guys do for me and I hope you all know how much I love and appreciate you! Thanks again!

Elder Townsend

Me, Bob Westrup, ROBERT FROST, Brighton

Brighton, Me, ELDER RICHARD G. SCOTT, Farnsworth, FowlerFarnsworth, Fowler, Me, Brighton

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