Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30, 2011

Hello everyone! How is it going? We had a pretty good week out here in Pincher Creek. It started out pretty slow but ended on a great note! We had a pretty good day on Tuesday. We had district meetings which are always fun and awesome. Then we went out to a Chinese buffet for lunch. Then we went and had a couple lessons that night and did some service for an older guy in the ward. Then Tuesday night I was up all night feeling like I was going to vomit so in the morning I called Sis Archibald and we were pretty sure I got food poisoning from the Chinese food. So I was home sick all of Wednesday. I always feel bad doing that though because it leaves my companion home all day with nothing to do. But I couldn't help it. I would have much rather been out working. Then Thursday I was feeling a little better and we had our weekly planning so I still had a little time to recover and then we had dinner drop off food to us... guess what it was... Chinese from the same place! haha. yea... I didn't eat it. haha. But we went out and had a couple good lessons that night. Then Friday we had a special training in Lethbridge. That was fun. It meant a nice road trip out there. The special training took from 9 to noon and it was on the 7 day challenge and how we can be implementing it better into our lessons. It was interesting. It was nice to see other missionaries though because we had it with the Lethbrigde zone as well. So that was sweet. Then we went to Five Guys for lunch and then came back here and had a couple lessons here. Then Saturday was the highlight to our week. We had a lesson that night with Rob Frost at our ward mission leaders home. It had been a while since we had taught him but the last time we did he basically asked what being baptized would require so we were going to go over baptism again and then a couple of the main commandments. So we sat down and just talked to him for a while and it was Bro Dietze and Elder Brightons first time being in a lesson with him so we talked about why he started looking into the church and reading the Book of Mormon and stuff. He basically said that he was starting to realize he needed to change his life and he noticed that the church and what we were teaching were helping him change and feel the change in his life. Then we started talking about baptism and what it means and what leads up to it and such and Bro Dietze was giving a lot of really good input. He is a High School teacher and he is really good at just talking to people and helping them understand and after a while Bro Dietze was all just "well do you feel like baptism is a step you need in your life?" and Rob sat there and thought about it for a while and then just said, "yes". Yes! haha! So then we talked to him about that and we talked about the 9th of April but he was working so we went for the next week on the 16th. And he said he would prepare for that date so that is awesome! That is going to be a great day if I am still here, because its also Stake conference and Elder Scott is coming to our Stake conference! So that will be sweet. That's if I am still here. We are having transfers next week and I haven't decided if I want to stay here or not. So I guess I will leave it up to the Lord and what he thinks is best for me. So we will see what happens next week. That is pretty much it from here. Thanks for everything guys! I love you all!

Elder Townsend

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