Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1, 2011

Hello everyone! How is it going? I hope all is going well for you guys. We definitely had a slower week here. We weren't able to meet with Rob Frost again and we had lessons with Danyelle last Friday, but she called us that morning and said she was too sick to have us over. We didn't get a chance to go to Bro Yellowhorn, a less active in the reserve. Those are the three people that we are really working with. So that was sad. But this week hopefully we can get in with them again. We are going to go out to the Pass on Thursday and spend the night out there and work Friday too. So hopefully we can get in with Danyelle both days and get in with some less actives and part members out there. President Archibald is kind of sceptical about that. Apparently missionaries have tried it before and didn't find much to do out there. But the high priest group leader is pretty excited for us to go and is trying to plan out both the days. So we will see how that goes. If nothing happens I don't think we'll be able to do it again. So I hope it goes well. Even if not much comes out of it though it will still be nice. Something to change up the routine a little bit. I have only been here for 8 weeks now, but I am already running out of things to do here. I don't know what I am going to do if I stay here too long.

I think the most exciting thing that happened this week is that we helped a less active older couple move across town. It was kind of fun. It was FREEZING. They started it on Friday night at six and we loaded up a little Uhaul truck and a couple of pick ups and headed over to the other house and halfway there the Uhaul breaks down... so Bishop got his half ton and towed it the rest of the way. I was actually really impressed with that little Ford F150. haha. Then when we got there we unloaded it all. It was amazing how much stuff they had in that little house. A whole bunch of furniture and a ton of boxes. It was getting really dark so we couldn't see much in the Uhaul so we got a car to shine its lights in it for us. I've never had to do that before haha. Then we went back for the last little bit of it. Just a couple more pick ups since the Uhaul was dead. And the last thing we moved in were the washer and dryer. That was exciting... I was carrying the washer in and I was the one walking backwards and on the driveway was this big snow drift I hadn't seen before.... and as my foot hit that it just slid right off of it and I went down and the dryer came on top of me... luckily, the snow absorbed most of it... I think... I don't really know what happened all I know is it didn't hurt me at all. I think it landed mostly beside me. But of course, nobody cared about the missionary on the ground they just ran to the washer and made sure I didn't break it! haha. Don't worry... I didn't.

That's pretty much our week though. Oh and we found out that Elder Christofferson (i don't know if I spelled that right...) is coming to talk to us all next Saturday. So that will be exciting. And it also means a really long, early road trip for us up to Calgary. That should be fun.

Oh, I guess I'll tell you a little about my companion, Elder Brighton. He is from Roosevelt Utah, a tiny town east of Provo. He is a nurse assistant or something. He started in high school and then went to a year of college and then did nurse stuff for a while. He came out when he was 20. He is at his year mark this up coming week. He is really good at playing the piano. He's been playing it for twelve years now. He is kind of awkward. Doesn't say too much. Tells the same stories over and over again. He really likes having everything really clean and he is the healthiest eating missionary I have ever seen. He has made homemade bread and this weird zucchini casserole and he bought a bunch of fruit and potatoes and stuff. It was ridiculous. (mom, I'm not doing that. I like making something really fast and then taking my nap for the rest of my lunch break. haha) He is a pretty good companion though. We seem to be getting along pretty well. It's kind of nice to have someone who is excited to do work here again and someone with new ideas of how to do work here. So that is good. Hopefully we can start having this area pick up more.

That's it from me this week though. Nothing too exciting. I'll let you guys know how next week goes. Thanks for everything! I love you guys!

Elder Townsend

Darn Canadians and their weird sports...

My last district. Roberts, Lafond, me, Malagamaalii (aka m), Fowler and Grace

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