Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22, 2011

Hey guys! How is it going? We had a pretty good week here. Slower but good. We didn't get too many lessons in. This ward is kind of off and on in letting us come into their house. We did have a dinner every night though. And we were able to get in with one less active couple. So that was good. Thursday and Friday we went up to the pass and worked up there again and spent the night up there. That was fun. We stopped by the Hall's, a less active family. They own a thrift store up there so we stopped by the store and talked to them for a while and shared a message at the end. That was good and we were able to get in with a couple of members. A couple of people had us for lunch or dinner. On Thursday night they had a branch pot luck. That was fun. It was all Mexican food and they had some games they played like "guess the Spanish word" and they had a pinata for the kids and stuff. It was actually a pretty fun night. There were a lot of people out of town so there weren't many people there. But they said it was a great turn out... I guess I just don't know how many people usually come. It looked pretty sparse to me. haha. We stopped by pretty much all the less actives and potentials we had out there and not too many were home. But it was pretty hard to stay busy out there. No wonder they don't have missionaries just out there. But I like going. It's something new and exciting to do every other week. Also a really sad thing that happened in the pass. We called Dani earlier in the week asking if we could come by and she just said, "I think I am alright for now."..... dang it. But she did still want a bible so we went and dropped that off to her on Thursday and we talked to her for a little bit on the door step and it sounds like life is just getting really busy for her. So we are going to try again and then see if we should just give her some room for a while. That was really sad though. That was pretty much the only investigator we have anymore and now she didn't want to meet with us. I hate when that happens.

Also Thursday was St Patricks Day, but you would have never guessed it up here. They still celebrate it. People recognize it. They saw me wearing my green tie and thought it was fun. But nobody really cares about it up here. There aren't any decorations in the stores. Nobody wears green. It's just weird. Darn Canadians. haha

Then Saturday we did service for a less active guy pretty much all day. We didn't think it would turn out that way, but it did. We went over thinking we were going to move furniture for him, but we built flower boxes for his mother in law. They live in a trailer park and she has a railing up to her house and we built boxes all the way along that railing. Then right when we were done it started snowing like crazy. Which was really sad because it had been getting warmer and the snow was melting and then it snowed. And it didn't stop until last night. So there is snow everywhere again! haha Then Sunday was alright. We went to church and there weren't many people there and we didn't get anyone out that we were hoping to, less active or non member. But it was still fun. I really like this ward and the Elders quorum is hilarious. I look forward to that every week. Then Monday was P day and we went and played games and basketball with the rest of the zone and we went to Raymond and some kids came out and played basketball with us as well. It was ridiculous. I haven't worked out that much in like two years! haha. And now I'm freaking sore. I could barely get out of bed this morning. It's sad really. The mission is getting me really out of shape. It's probably those twenty extra pounds that weren't there before my mission.

Anyway, that is pretty much my week here in Pincher Creek. It's really slow here and there isn't much to keep us busy, but I am trying. I really am. And even though I don't feel like I am getting much accomplished here I know that the Lord put me here for a reason and I hope to be able to find that reason before I leave. Thank you all for the support you have given me. I love you all so much.

Elder Townsend

Chinook Arch (happens when a chinook comes in)

Branch party

Festive eh?

Canadian car :)

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