Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 22, 2010

Winter finally came to Canada! haha. It took it quite a while, but its here. Last Monday night we had a big storm and got about four inches of snow and then for the rest of the week was constantly snowing, and I mean constantly. It wasn't much, just flurries, but the sun only came out for one day! It was ridiculous. It took till the middle of November to come but, oh man... its here. In full force. And it's cold. And I mean cold! haha. It was a good week though. I really enjoyed it. It was an amazing week for missionary work. We were able to have a whole bunch of awesome lessons. It was great! The wards have been putting forth the names of people that we need to work on and they have been setting up the first appointment which makes our life a lot easier and gets us into a situation that we can be more effective than just teaching all the active members that will let us into their house. We are actually getting into less actives and people that we can actually try to help in their own lives. It's awesome. Our mission is trying to get all of our wards to do that but so far Queensland ward is the only one that I have been in that actually has done it pretty well... or done it at all actually. So it's awesome to see it working. We were also able to have a good lesson with Angie and Trymer, and yes mom, his name is Trymer. Trymer Morrow Jr. His dad was named Trymer too. haha. But we had a really good lesson with them before they went down to Utah for the weekend to visit his son. It is amazing to see how much Angie has progressed even since I have been here. She is the most amazing investigator and a hilarious person! She is great! I am so excited for Saturday. Her baptism is going to be at two and Elder Hurley is going to baptize her. I am going to be conducting the meeting. I've never done that before and I've never seen missionaries do that before but Elder Hurley and Trymer have so Angie thought it would be fun. I think it will be fun. I'm really going to enjoy it. It will be a great day. I love baptisms. They have such an amazing Spirit to them and it's so awesome to watch someone make that big and sometimes scary step in their lives. Angie is going to be an amazing member of the church. I'm looking forward to seeing her be one.

So it was a great week. An amazing week if I do say so myself. But there is always opposition right? Well, for my companion at least. Tuesday morning after the big snow this week we were on our way to district meetings in the morning and what does my companion do? Slide the car into a curb in our parking lot and bend the front right rim. It was pretty bad. Then right after that happened the zone leaders call us and tell us the cars are grounded because the roads are too slippery. So that was kind of.. late. haha. But it meant district meetings were canceled so we didn't have to drive on a bent rim. We took it in to get fixed and they gave us a loaner car until they could fix that one. A couple other things happened that were really just sad. It was a good week but had little spots of unfortunate events like that. haha.

Well... Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I don't get to celebrate it here (we had ours last month) but hopefully well have a good dinner on Thursday. But I just wanted to tell you all how thankful I am for you. I love you all so much! and I hope you guys have an awesome week! Transfers are next week. I hope neither of us leave. That would be sad. We want to be together for Christmas so hopefully we are. We are praying for it. haha.

I love you all!

Elder Townsend

What missionaries do when it snows
Our car Tuesday morning

Our car a little bit later on Tuesday morning haha

Elder Crowe. Another good ol AZ boy that is freezing up here. haha.

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