Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 3, 2010

Hey Everyone!

This week was pretty great! It went by pretty fast! It didn't really at the time it was happening, but looking back it definitely did! Did you guys get to watch the Olympics very much? I was pretty sad that we weren't able to watch them. We did get a little bit of them here and there though so that was kind of fun. I hear they were kind of disappointing though. sad. It was actually really funny though because Sunday was the gold medal hockey game and it just so happened that it started right when our church started. Any guesses on how many people were at church? Not many. There was only eight people in Elders Quorum. haha. It was pretty funny. Apparently it was a pretty good game though. Canada won... but i guess we all expected them to eh? haha. We even got to watch part of it. It was completely against my will though! We showed up to our dinner that night and they were all upstairs watching it and they said that they were eating upstairs and we didn't get any food if we weren't up there either... so obviously we had to go watch it. I wasn't going to complain about it. haha. I think it made Elder Glick kind of uncomfortable... but then again he gets uncomfortable easily. Last p-day when we were walking around the mall we went into the Bose store and they asked us if we wanted to watch this thing about their new speakers. It was pretty awesome! It was mostly just a guy talking to us, but Elder Glick got mad at us for going in there afterwards... my bad. haha.

Other then that this week went pretty good. We have been doing a lot of tracting because Elder Glick likes to stay really busy. It is kind of funny though because we both suck at doing it. Neither of us have really done it very much before this transfer. I've done it more than him and I haven't really done it much. haha. So... if anyone has any suggestions about how to talk to people. Or ways that seemed to work. Please let me know! Because I'm going to be doing a lot of that while I am with Elder Glick and it is just plain embarrassing when we try to do it. haha.

We had a really fun experience on Tuesday! I finally got to go downtown! Elder Bennion over in Cranston ward had a doctors appointment down there, apparently he has a cyst on his tail bone... sound familiar to anyone? haha. But they don't have a car so we got to drive them down there. It was pretty fun. But we didn't get to see much and I didn't get to take any pictures because it was really foggy that morning and we couldn't see very far at all... I didn't even get to see the Calgary tower! I just saw the base of it. bummer... it was still pretty fun though. Elder Glick got really antsy while we were waiting at the doctors office. I think he has ADD. He can not stay still! It is kind of weird haha. But it was pretty fun to see downtown. I hope I get to serve down there sometime. Apparently you do a lot of talking to people on the street. I think that would be pretty fun. And you don't stand out as much when you are walking around in a suit haha.

Other then that this week was pretty average. A lot of walking around and trying to see people. Cranston did have a baptism on Saturday though. That was pretty fun. They asked us to do a ten minute first lesson while they were getting dried off. That was pretty fun. It was interesting trying to fit the whole thing into ten minutes. I hadn't done that before. I love baptisms though. There is always a great Spirit there. I am looking forward to going to more of them as we try to reach our goal of 100 in March. The baptism was really fun as well because Elder M got to come back for it so I got to see and talk to him again. I love him. He is so much fun!

Speaking of baptisms! We are baptizing Jeanette on Saturday! I am so excited! We taught her a couple times this week. She actually had us over for dinner on Thursday, which was awesome because we were able to talk to her family a lot there. And we taught her again on Friday which was awesome! She is definitely ready to be baptized. We went over the baptismal interview questions and she didn't seem too worried about any of them so that is awesome! And yes, she even came to church on Sunday even though the hockey game was on! haha. It was a really good day at church the lessons were awesome and the talks were great. She really enjoyed it. I did have to tell her that President wasn't going to let Elder Byington come back and baptize her because he is too far away, So that was sad, but then she asked if I would baptize her. That was exciting! Of course I said I would be happy to, but now I'm getting nervous about it. I've never done that before! What if I drown her?! haha. It will be fun though! I am really excited for it and I hope all goes well!

That's pretty much it for me this week guys... I am excited to talk to you again next week though! And next week you should be getting a picture of me and Jeanette! Who's excited?!?! Well I am, so you should be too. haha. Thank you all for everything! I love you all!

Love, Devin

If you look closely in the middle of the picture you can see a coyote looking at me. We had a whole pack of them in our backyard this morning. They ran away before I could get a picture of them though...

We've been walking around a lot lately so I finally got a picture of me on the Chapparall Valley sign. haha

I really like this one for some reason. haha

We've spent a lot of time doing this lately though... (Don't worry. We made sure nobody was home before we took this picture haha)

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