Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 17, 2010 - holla!... eh?

Hey guys!
How is it going? Oh man did I have a great week! It started out on a pretty good note. We went to go teach Jeanette a new member lesson on Thursday, which was awesome! It went really well. We only had time to teach the first half of the first lesson though because she still had a lot of questions. But when we left she had some presents for us and Matt Leavitt. Which was awesome! First off she is pretty much a professional wrapper so it looked amazing! haha. And guess what it was? Anyone? yep. It was a tie. haha. It was pretty sweet. haha. I didn't get a picture of it though... but it was a pretty OK looking tie. Not one that I would have picked out for myself, but I think it is growing on me. haha. It was fun though. She is way too nice to us. And she gave us some pictures from the baptism as well, which was sweet. It was great though! I love her. She is so involved in the ward already. She is going to all the ward functions and she helped clean the church on Saturday and she feeds us dinner more then most of the members. We just ate there yesterday actually. It was pretty good! She is a pretty good cook! She did bring out a giant bowl of mushrooms and garlic though and then asked why nobody ate them... I felt kind of bad... but I mean come on... its fungus! Don't worry though. I did eat some of them. I couldn't say no to her... I just ate them with a whole lot of mashed potatoes. haha. It was good though because her whole family was there so we were able to talk to them for a while as well. I think Natasha will definitely get baptized eventually. There really isn't any reason why not, besides the fact that she is always busy with friends or homework when we go over to teach them. But I'm really excited for Jeanette though. She is going to be a great member of this church. I cant wait until she gets a calling. I think she will really like that!
Then Friday was pretty fun too. We went and got haircuts as a district. That was funny. All of us show up at Sis Shaughnessy's house for haircuts haha. But then we went on exchanges for the night. They made it so that we can go on exchanges now, but it is only with the district or zone leaders, but that is alright for me because I am the district leaders companion so I can basically go with anyone in my district haha. They can't be overnight, but this one was pretty fun. We went on splits with Sundance this time. It was sweet. I went with Elder LaFond and we stayed in Chaparral. We just walked around all afternoon trying to set up appointments for the week, but after 3 or 4 hours of walking around we only came back with one appointment... bummer. It was still fun though because Elder Lafond is one of the few missionaries I have found that likes Brian Reagan so we basically were just walking around quoting him in between each house. It was pretty hilarious. He is a pretty fun guy. Kind of a weird missionary, but a lot of fun to be around! Then we went to our Relief Society birthday party. That was pretty fun. We really only went for the free food. But it was still pretty good. And we thought we could have some investigators come but none of them showed up... just like when we set up an appointment with them and they aren't there... darn investigators! and members too... all of our appointments for Monday fell through... so we didn't have anything to do... anyway. the party was still a lot of fun. and Jeanette was there so we talked to her for a while.
Then came the best day of our week. Saturday! It started off with us waking up at three in the morning.... whoo hoo... then we went and picked up Cranston and headed over to the Willow Park chapel. We had to be there at 4:30am. All of the missionaries in Calgary met there (~130 of us) and then we all piled onto two tour buses. Our car guy, Elder Lambert, had some hook up so we had really nice tour buses to ride in. Then we all went for a two hour drive down to Lethbridge. It was a very quiet ride. Everyone was sleeping... including myself. But then we got down to Lethbridge at around 7:20 and we met up with all the other missionaries in the mission at the stake center down there. It was pretty fun. I was able to talk to Elder Byington and Elder M and Elder Holcome for a while before we went in. I miss those guys. Then we went in and started to sing some hymns until around 7:55 when Elder Bednar walked in! Oh man that was great! It was a lot of fun. He is an amazing teacher! It was a lot of fun. He made the whole thing a question and answer session. We couldn't just ask anything though. We read two talks he gave in a general conference about faith and we were supposed to ask things about the things in those talks. It was awesome though! We were there for three hours! It was pretty good! He basically told us how we can apply faith in our lives. And how we need to go out and earn our faith. We cant just expect God to give it to us. And the thing I liked best was that he said we win. He likened his life to a baseball game. He said we don't know how many innings it will be. We don't know the score. It could be 1-0 or 18-0 or 52-53. But we do know the end. WE WIN! In the end it won't matter what happened in each inning. There could be innings where we seem to be falling behind. but none of that matters. Because we know that in the end we win. Isn't that awesome? Oh man. I loved it. And then throughout the whole thing he kept telling us to pay attention to how he was teaching. And then at the end he told us that that is how we are supposed to teach our investigators. We are supposed to let them ask good questions and then ask them good follow up questions. GOOD follow up questions, and not play the guess-what's-in-my-head game. He said that we need to listen, observe and discern. The hardest part about that though is probably the discern... that is hard for me... I'm not very good at it. But hopefully through my faith and the experiences of my mission I can improve on that. But that was an awesome three hours. Then at the end we got to go up and shake his hand. That was sweet! He is a lot shorter the I imagined him being though... haha. Anyway. it was awesome! We got to shake Elder Melchin and Elder Jensen's hands too. They are both 70s and Elder Bednar let them say some stuff too and answer some questions too. It was really just a lot of fun and a really good learning and spiritual experience. Definitely a story I'm going to be telling a lot of people after my mission haha. Then we all piled onto the buses again and headed home. We were home by one. Quite an intense way to start out the day, eh? haha
Not much else happened this week though. Elder Glick is still pretty annoying at times... but I think he is getting better. or I am just getting used to him. It is crazy how fast this transfer has gone though. Transfers are next week already... It has been 5 weeks since I've been with Glick. I'ts crazy. I can't tell if I am nervous for these transfers though... I've been here for 4 months so I think there is a really good chance of me leaving. But then again, Elder Byington was here for 7 1/2 months and before him Elder Basinger was here for 6. So who knows. I could be staying... I wouldn't really mind that though. I love the members here. They are a lot of fun. And I want to stick around long enough to see if anything comes of Jeanette's daughter Natasha. It would be interesting to stay another transfer with Glick. But whatever happens is what the Lord wants. So I'll be happy. I'll let you guys know on Tuesday what is going down!
I love you guys and miss you guys so much! I cant wait to talk to you again soon!
Elder Townsend

Jeanette's present to me

The bus ride

Us and Cranston

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