Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 24, 2010

Hey Everyone!
This week has been pretty good. I didn't get the chance to take any pictures though... so sadly you wont be getting any of those... I know, I know, I'm sorry. I was just too busy to be taking pictures. haha. But it was a pretty good week, I'm just going to have to tell you about it rather then show you. The newest thing really is that we have been tracting a lot more then I have been before. Which is actually pretty fun. It has already made it easier for me to talk to random people here. And the Canada area people are actually really polite. They still don't want anything to do with us at all, but they are usually really nice and just say they are Catholic, and then take a pass a long card or pamphlet with our phone number on it. I have yet to have anyone yell at me. Well that isn't true... I have had someone yell at me. The same person...twice. It is someone that we have been talking to for a while and he is reading in the BOM, Jason, but his wife isn't to happy to see us ever. So one night Elder Glick decided that we were going to stop by and try to see him. He has like seven kids and it was like 8pm so I didn't think it was such a good idea. But we went anyway... and when we got there he wasn't home and his wife answered and got mad at us for waking up her kids and told us to call him to set up an appointment. So we left. But then yesterday, for some reason, Elder Glick thought we would stop by again. His reasoning was that it as 5pm so the kids shouldn't be asleep. I told him he would probably be at work and his wife would probably yell at us again. He didn't think she yelled the first time. She was just "having a rough day". So he knocked on the door anyway. Guess what happened? She yelled at us again for not calling beforehand because he was at work and she didn't want her dogs going crazy for no reason. So yes. I have had someone yell at me. That's not fun. Especially when it didn't have to happen. But yes, tracting is a really a fun thing. People are... not really nice, but polite. And the members get to see us walking around and working hard so that is good. I am excited to keep that up and to have some great experiences.
Elder Glick is an interesting guy. The story above kind of shows it, but he does a couple of things that annoy me at times. But he is still a good missionary and I am excited to learn all that I can from him. I know I can learn a lot and something that I have been learning a lot of already is patience. So that is always a good thing to have. But he always uses my stuff. He uses my pens, he uses my paper, he uses my bleach pen thing, he uses my scissors, he even uses my peanut butter. I've told him that if he would just ask I would let him use it all if he really wanted to but just the fact that I just walk in and find him using all my stuff is frustrating. So patience, yes. I am learning a lot of other stuff too. So I am excited to see what goes on in this transfer and hopefully I can start making it kind of fun. ROTC Glick thinks that having fun is against the mission rules... but I am excited to learn stuff this transfer I can use for the rest of my mission. And the missionaries in my zone say that if I can get through being with him, I can get through being with any companion. So there is hope, haha.
But probably the best news from this week is that Jeanette is doing really awesome! We went over and taught her again on Friday. It went really well. We watched the Restoration with her and she really liked it. Then we answered a lot of her questions. She had been reading a lot and had some questions which was really good! The only bad thing was some of the things she was reading. She was reading a lot of good things like the pamphlets we gave her and stuff but she did get some things off of the Internet from some anti's so we had to try to resolve those things as well. It made it a little harder, but I think we resolved a lot of it and she understands that there are people out there that will try to tear down anything they don't believe in. So we told her that the main thing she needs to be reading right now is the Book of Mormon and she agreed and committed to reading from it everyday. So that was awesome! And then on Monday we had a mission tour and our ward was in charge of feeding the missionaries lunch, and she signed up to help with that. It was awesome! She had a really good time and was really helpful. It gave her a chance to meet a lot more sisters from Relief Society and to talk to them more. She also got the chance to see us missionaries and the mission President and she got to talk to him. She told him that she was getting baptized on March 6th. So that is always a good thing to hear. haha. It was awesome though. She really enjoyed it. Then we got to go to her house that night and teach her again. This time we taught her the first 5 principles of the fourth lesson. It went really well and she agreed to read the Book of Mormon and pray each day so that was awesome. We even got the chance to answer some of her questions too. We couldn't stay as long as we usually do because we had to get in for the night. But it went really well. And Bro Muirhead was there. He had some really good insight and answers for her as well. It was awesome to have him there. We have had Matt Leavitt there every other time and she has gotten really comfortable with him and loves seeing him, but we couldn't take him this time because his wife was having pregnancy problems. Their baby was coming 8 weeks early. So that isn't good. I think they are doing alright though. All I really know is that they stopped the baby from coming out for now. So that is good. Anyway. sorry about that tangent. but yes. Jeanette is doing great! And we are going to see her Thursday and Friday as well this week! Thursday she signed up on our dinner calendar to feed us, so that is awesome! I am excited for that. Then Friday at three we are going over there to teach her again. We are going to continue the fourth lesson. We have only been teaching her once a week up until now, but we still have a couple things we wanted to go over with her and we are running out of weeks, so we might have to see her a couple of times next week as well, and then she is going to be baptized that upcoming Saturday at seven! So i am really excited for that!
The other highlight of our week I already mentioned, the mission tour. That was awesome! A mission tour is like a zone conference only bigger! Usually our zone conferences only have two or three zones in it, but this time we had all the missionaries in Calgary there. So there was 135 or so of us there. It was pretty awesome! It gave me an opportunity to see some missionaries again! Like Elder Hatfield form the MTC, and a whole bunch of people that have been transferred out of this zone, like Elder M, Meyers, Crippen and such. I didn't get to see Elder Byington though, because he isn't in Calgary and the rest of the mission is having their own mission tour next Monday. But it was pretty awesome! Elder Melchin was there and he spoke to us for over an hour. It was a question and answer thing though so we king of chose the topic he talked about. But it was pretty Awesome. He basically told us that the goal of 100 baptisms this coming month is amazing and that we can do it as long as we have the faith required. And the thing that really stood out to me was that if we don't think we have the faith then we need to tell ourselves that we do have it and then go out and work as though we do. Then the Lord will give us the faith that we are telling ourselves we have. (he told us not to quote him on anything though, so you didn't hear that from me. haha) But it was really awesome! Because I have been feeling like I haven't really had as much faith in the goal as all the other missionaries in the mission so I've been feeling a little down. But I am going to stay positive about this whole thing and keep telling myself we can do it and I'm going to go out and do all that I can to do my part and I know the Lord will let it happen. So that was a very big highlight of my week as well.
Well that is pretty much it from me. Sorry again for not having any pictures. I'll try to work on that this week. I tried getting a picture of a skunk... but he ran away too fast... anyway. Hopefully I have some for you next week. I love and miss you guys so much! I can't wait to talk to you again next week!
Love, Elder Townsend

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