Friday, February 5, 2010

February 3, 2010

Hey Guys!

How is it going? It is going pretty good up here in Canada. It's been getting a little colder but it is still not all that bad. It started snowing again this week so we have some fresh snow on the ground. It was weird before that though. Almost all the snow was gone. They are saying that this is a pretty mild winter this year. Spring doesn't usually come until April or something. It will probably get cold again though. They say that last year in February it was -40 for a month straight. That would not be fun. I've decided that Canadians have short term memory though because everyone here is still saying that this is like the worst winter in ten years, except for the mission office people that told me it wasn't. haha.

This week was pretty fun though. We had zone conference on Thursday. That took up most of the day. It was pretty sweet though. It was all on planning and finding, which seems to be what a lot of our training are on... but it was pretty sweet. Pres and his wife talked and the AP's talked and gave a training and our zone leaders gave a training too. Then they chose a couple of missionaries to come and talk about planning or finding. They told us we were going to have to do that and told everyone to prepare 5 min talks but didn't say who would give them, but naturally I was the first person they called. Luckily I had made a semi-plan for a talk so I had some things to say, but I got really nervous and shaky and I don't think I really made all that much sense, but people said they liked it... but can they really say other wise? I think it was horrible. haha. But it did go for 5 mins and hopefully I won't have to talk at the next one now. haha.

Then on Friday we taught Jeanette again. That went amazingly! She is so awesome! haha. We taught her lesson three and she asked really good questions and basically said she already believed everything we were telling her. So that is good! Hopefully we can keep that going! We are hoping to see her again on Thursday. We also had her daughter sit in on the lesson. And she actually sat in on the whole thing and was pretty interested too. That was kind of surprising to me but it was awesome! Hopefully she can continue to be excited as well!

Then Saturday we went over to Laura Knights house in Sundance to do some more service for her. The Sundance missionaries are still trying to convert her husband and she keeps having stuff for us to do so we keep going over there. haha. She had us start clearing and organizing her basement because she wants to start to finish it and drywall it. So we spent that day doing that and then we went back on Tuesday and helped her again. She had the drywall for us and we got the ceiling of one of the rooms mostly done. That was awesome! I've decided that I really like dry walling after helping brother Lacusta in his basement and doing this as well, haha.

Sunday the most amazing this happened though! We had our first investigator come to church! Jeanette came! We had invited like four people but she was the only one to come. It was awesome! She had to be a little late because she was volunteering at a soup kitchen downtown so she got there at the end of sacrament. She was there for all the talks and then stayed for Sunday school and combined Relief Society and Priesthood. She loved it! She was getting all into the lessons and was even answering some questions and when she left she was so happy. You could just tell that she loved it there. So hopefully she will continue to come! We introduced her to some people too so she knows people in our ward now. Maybe that will help.

That is pretty much it for this week though. Although so far today has been pretty exciting as well. Yesterday I may or may not have put my jeans in the washer with our cell phone in the pocket... so we went and got a new one from the office this morning. Luckily they had an extra one so I didn't have to pay for the new one! But yesterday we also got a call from Elder Lambert, the senior missionary in charge of cars, and he told us to come in to the office to exchange our car again. He said they were going to sell our 07 Malibu. So we went in and they gave us a 2010 Malibu. Holy Cow, that is a nice car. It's huge and awesome. It only has four cylinders so it isn't as fast as our old one, but it is still pretty sweet. They said that we have been taking care of our car really well so they trusted us with this new one. It is quite literally brand new. It only had 60 km on it when we got in it. So that was pretty exciting. A new phone and new car all in one day. not bad eh?

Well thank you guys so much for all that you do for me while I am out here! I love you guys so much!

love, Elder Townsend

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