Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 9, 2010

Hey guys! so... I think I may have forgotten to tell you guys that it was transfers this week... my bad... but today is P day so here is a letter from me! haha. The pictures will come a little later. like in 5 mins. I have to borrow someone's cord to connect my camera to the computer. I forgot mine.
Well transfers are going to be interesting this week. There is a lot of changes in my district. Elder Miller is going home. I don't know if I told you guys that yet either. But he has been sleepwalking and Pres found out so he called SLC to see if he could stay out and then an apostle called him back and said that if anyone sleepwalks they have to be sent home. So he is leaving with this transfer. That is pretty sad. He was awesome. He has been out 13 months so he still served a pretty good mission. Elder Byington is getting transferred down to Medicine Hat and this guy named Elder Glick is going to be my companion. Elder M is getting transferred to down town Calgary. He is the Polynesian Elder in Cranston, he was hilarious and a lot of fun to be around. So all of the senior companions in my district are gone. That leaves me and Elder R, he's hilarious but very strange and Elder Norman, he's well... he's pretty annoying and gets mad really easily about anything you try to tell him. So hopefully the people coming in are pretty fun. Our district these last two transfers has been pretty fun and I am going to miss them a lot, but I am going to try my hardest to do what I can to make this new district just as fun. My new companion, Elder Glick sounds like a good missionary. People say he is a really hard worker and has a very military attitude towards things. So that will be good. At least he is someone that will be a hard worker. We'll find out tomorrow though after he comes here. I'm pretty excited for the new adventure though. It should be a good transfer and our investigators are coming along pretty well.
We still are trying to get in with Jason. We stopped by a couple of times and talked to him on his porch. I am kind of starting to get the feeling that he is just talking to us just to be nice and doesn't really want to take the next step of taking the discussions. But we will keep going until he comes out and tells us to stop coming, because you never know. He might just be waiting for the right time. He may just be waiting for Elder Glick to come in. Who knows. Chris Burrows is doing great. We still haven't really taught him an official lesson but we were able to sit down with him and talk to him for a while. When we talk with him we really just talk about life and stuff and we tie beliefs into a lot of what we talk about. He is really nice and fun and has started joking around with us about getting baptized so at least he isn't afraid to talk about that subject. But on a more exciting note we were able to get in and have another discussion with Jeanette on Thursday. That went really well. We were there for quite a while and most of it was spent answering a lot of really good questions she had. Then we figured we should leave with some kind of a lesson so Elder Byington talked about faith for a while. Then she had a couple more questions that we answered. Then she basically asked what it would take for her to be baptized and how long it would take. So we just told her it was up to her and how she was feeling but we asked if she would work on being ready for baptism on the 20th of February and she said that she would love to. So that is so awesome!! Dang that was fun. She is really solid and loves everything that we have taught her so far and she loved church, even though she said three hours was pretty long. But she is definitely going to be baptized sometime and hopefully on the 20th. Elder Byington won't be here for it though. But lucky for Elder Glick. He is going to have a baptism right when he gets here.
This week has been a lot of fun though. We spent a lot of time with the district and being around each other. We have been working at this lady's house for a while. The Sundance Elders baptized her and are still working on her husband. But we have been over there a lot doing random service for them. But this last week we have been finishing their basement for them. We have been putting up drywall and fixing the framing of walls that were completely off and putting down some carpet. It has been pretty fun. I have decided I really like dry walling. But it has been fun to be able to be around the district and be able to get service done too.
We have been having some really good church tours lately. We have been able to get a lot of members out to them and they love them. It is an amazing way to automatically bring the spirit into peoples lives while teaching them about the restoration as well. Everyone that has been on one absolutely loves them. We challenge everyone to bring a non member friend to one the next week and everyone always seems really excited to go and ask people to come. But so far we haven't really had anyone do it. But that seems like the normal thing in this area. Everyone always gets excited to do missionary work when we are talking about it but they seem to just forget about it as soon as we leave. That's what happens in ward council too. Bishop has been getting really into missionary work and it is awesome. During ward council meetings he tries really hard to get the rest of them that excited too. And it works, they get really excited but then throughout the week nothing happens... we are going to work as hard as we can to change that though and hopefully we can get them to act on their plans.
I am excited to be out here doing missionary work and to be serving the Lord and the people here in Calgary. Thank you all so much for everything that you do for me and the love and support you give me. I love you all and I cant wait to talk to you again next week!
Elder Townsend

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