Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 20, 2010

Hey guys!

Well not all that much happened this week. We stayed pretty busy teaching members and visiting with them. We even got to see a couple of our investigators! We haven't been able to go see Chris Burrows since he called last week and told us he was reading in the Book of Mormon. He has been pretty busy with another surgery apparently. But we hope to be able to talk with him and set something up for the beginning of this week. So hopefully we can. We stopped by Jason too. He still seems really excited about the church and wants to learn more. He is always open to learning more but he never really has any motivation to learn more. Whenever we try to make an appointment with him he never really wants to set anything in stone. He always just tells us to keep popping by. But those kinds of visits don't ever go anywhere! So hopefully we can get in with him sometime or get him out to a church tour.

But we were able to teach the Olsen Family. They are the ones that had gone to church before for a while and had taken all the lessons but when the topic of baptism came up she just slowly stopped coming to things. But she wants to have the lessons again because she wants her kids to know about the church. So we were able to get in and teach her and her kids a first discussion. That was amazing! It was my first experience teaching a non member family. The lesson went really well and we have another appointment with her on Monday. We hope to get her out to a church tour that day so hopefully she can. That would be awesome!

Well, the weather here has been really nice lately. A lot warmer then it is supposed to be and it has been really nice! Whenever we go out to do service I don't even have to wear a sweatshirt! haha. We do a lot of service though. That has been what we have been staying busy with a lot this week during the afternoon. We helped the Sundance missionaries one day and tore up the carpet and sub flooring in one of their investigators houses. That was awesome and a lot of fun! And we helped move a couple of people. And every Monday and Friday we are going to go to Laura Knights house and help her. She is absolutely crazy! She is a recent convert in the Sundance ward. But she is so funny! She always has the most random things to do for her. I swear she just breaks stuff so we can come over and fix it... but she is always very grateful and it fills our days so its a good thing to be doing. I've been eating a lot of pizza lately too. It seems like every time we help someone they buy pizza for us. It's awesome. You can never have too much pizza. Especially when it is free!

Elder Byington is doing better. We still have a lot of fun together and staying busy has made him happier lately. So that is good. And it is his birthday on Monday. So that is exciting. His family sent me a bunch of stuff for his birthday. Like signs to put up and balloons to fill for the night before. That was pretty awesome. I actually got really close to not having mail on Monday, but I got that from them. That would have been really sad! It was almost the first time that the zone leaders got the mail and I didn't have any! Luckily it didn't happen and my streak is still going! haha.

Anyway... that is pretty much it from me this week... I know it isn't much but not much exciting happened this week. Although we did say pretty busy so it went by really fast. I also didn't get too many pictures this week either... my bad...

Well, thank you all for everything you do for me and I cant wait to talk to you all again next week! I love you guys!


Elder Townsend

Ketchup flavored potato chips anybody?

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