Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 13, 2010

Hey guys!

How is it going? I hope this email finds you all in good health! I haven't been feeling all that good lately. Yesterday morning I woke up and did not feel very good at all. They say that Chinooks will do that to people though. The dramatic and fast change in air pressure can mess people up. So hopefully that will go away soon. It's nice to be warmer but not so nice to be sick. All the snow is melting so it isn't the best walking conditions either. There is slush and muck everywhere! haha And, yes, we do have a car in our area so I don't have to walk all that much. But we only get 1000 kilometers a month so our district thought we would save on clicks and walk to DDM's. So we started walking there pretty early in the morning and it only took us an hour to make it. But we were still late and I was in pain, haha. It's been a while since I've walked that far and it didn't help that I was wearing huge boots! Like I was saying it was all slushy and stuff so I wore my boots. But I just borrowed them from someone in the ward, so they are a little big for me so that didn't help the walk very much. And it sucked that each boot weighed like ten pounds each! haha. But we made the walk home a lot more fun. We weren't in such a hurry so we stopped at the welcome center of Fish Creek Park (the place we walked through to get to the church we went to) and we walked around there a bit and saw the Indian artifacts and stuff they had there. And we had some snow ball fights as we were walking and we took some pictures of our district. So it was a pretty fun morning/afternoon. Our district is pretty sweet this transfer.

But the main reason we walked there was to save clicks because we had already drove all the way out there for interviews earlier in the week so we had used more then we usually do. Interviews were pretty fun though. Sis Archibald always brings us some kind of food for breakfast so we had muffins. And she always talks to us about something, this time it was planning, and then we talk to her about whatever we want to while everyone is in their interviews. The companionships all go to meet with the zone leaders and they talk about whatever. That is always fun. Elder Crippen and Elder Rice are our zone leaders and they are hilarious! It is always fun to talk to them. And we also go individually to talk to Pres Archibald. That is always a thrill. He is really nice and fun. But my interviews haven't been very long so far. Some people are in there for like 15 mins or something but mine only last like 2 or 3. I don't know if that is a good thing or not though... Let's just say its a good thing. It will make me feel better about myself haha.

So we have started being a little more busy. We've been teaching lot of members and such which keeps us busy but is not nearly as nice as it would be to have investigators to teach. But we are getting there! It has been a while since we have seen Jason. He's been sick or gone a lot so hopefully we can stop by him sometime. When we talk to him he always seems excited to talk to us and learn more still, so that is good! And Chris Burrows is coming along pretty good! On New Years Eve we stopped by and gave him a Book of Mormon. And the other night we called him to make an appointment to see him and we made one for Thursday. But he talked to me about how he was reading in the Book of Mormon and how he could see where it came from and stuff and he was excited to talk about it more when we see him on Thursday! So that is awesome! Hopefully we can get in and teach him the lessons soon. We also stopped by Jodi and Ashley Olsen. They were in our area book. We had been trying to see them a lot since I've been here but we never really had seen them until like last week. and we had an appointment to teach them on Monday but they moved it to tonight so hopefully we can get in tonight. We are wanting to get these people to church tours too. We have been doing a couple of church tours lately. It was something we have been told to do by Pres for a while but we haven't ever had keys to the church but we have started borrowing them so we can do them. Church tours are awesome. We basically teach a first discussion and use the rooms of the church for different parts of
the lesson. They are pretty sweet. So far we have only done two and they have only been with members but they have been amazing! It is a wonderful way for people to get comfortable in the church and to be able to feel the Spirit! There is a room we call the Christ room where there are pictures of Christ and his ministry and everything all over the room and scriptures opened on tables. And there is music playing and we let the people walk around a read them and look at the pictures and just ponder. It is basically a guarantee to feeling the Spirit. Every time we have walked into that room it has basically been like walking into a wall of the Spirit. It is so awesome! So hopefully we can get some of our "investigators" that aren't really investigators yet to a church tour and let them feel of the Spirit and hopefully they will want to learn more. That is our main goal for right now.

So hopefully we can do that. Other then that everything is going great here! It's a blast! It's so warm here and it is definitely not usually like this at this time of year. They say this is when it is supposed to be the coldest. So hopefully we just skipped over the cold instead of just delaying it, eh? haha. Well I cant wait to talk to you guys again next week! I miss you all so much and I appreciate all the love and support you give me while I am out here!

Elder Townsend

The sunrise from our new porch

a back view of our giant house (the brown one)
This is our laundry room/kitchen. If you look close enough you can see
instructions for the washer and dryer on the wall above them. and you can see our toaster, skillet and industrial sink on the counter and in the bottom right is our mini fridge and microwave. It might be smallish and only one person can fit there but at least we can eat, eh?
Our big bed room that is the size of our entire old apartment. And that is the table we are allowed to eat at. The only one. Because they put extra carpet down just in case we make a mess. haha
Our living room. That is where we study and I am standing next to a fire place with couches in front of it. Not bad eh?

I don't know if you guys have seen Elder Miller yet. Here he is. Yep. He's the
english one haha
Us walking through fish creek park

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