Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25, 2011

Hello everyone! How is it going? It's going pretty good here. We actually had a pretty good week. We set a goal of having eight new investigators this transfer and having at least three of those with a baptismal date and up until Saturday not much was happening to help us in that goal. But on Saturday afternoon we didn't have much to do so we decided we would go out to the little town of Coleman and see if we could stop by some part members or such out there. We don't get the chance to get out there too often. But we went out there and stopped by some people. Nobody was home and we tracted a little bit. Nobody was interested. We did get one older guy to talk to us for a while at his door. But in the end he said he wasn't interested at all. He was nice though. I enjoyed talking to him. Then we tried stopping by another part member family. Nobody was home so we started back to the car. But as we were walking down their steps a lady pulled up in her car with her 9 month old son. Her name is Danyelle and her son is Destin. We ended up talking to her for a while and we asked if there was a time we could come back and so we set up a time for Sunday at 2:30. So Sunday we went to the Crows Nest Pass branch that we also cover because Brome, who got baptized last week, was getting the priesthood out there. (that's where his girlfriends family is and her dad is the Branch Pres and he did the ordination. That is also the branch that has Coleman in it. So after the ordination we got one of the members from there to come with us out to Danyelle's house and teach her. That went really well. She was really receptive and seemed very interested and then at the end I asked her to be baptized and the conversation went a little something like this, "...we are holding a baptismal service on Feb 19th will you prepare yourself for that date?" "Does it matter if I have already been baptized?" "...like into our church?" "yea" "um... yes. Well, I guess we can skip that step... I don't really know what to do now... this hasn't ever happened to me before..." haha so apparently her grandma took her to church in BC when she was little. And when she told her mom Saturday night that we had stopped over and were coming back her mom asked her if she told us that she was baptized and she was all... no... I didn't know I was. Apparently she got baptized when she was really little. I'm a little hesitant about that though because she doesn't remember it at all. She didn't know anything about Joseph Smith or prophets or anything. So we got her name and birth date and the branch clerk is trying to find her records. We are going back on Friday though. So either way it's someone to teach! haha.

Also on Sunday we went to the first two hours of Pincher Creek ward before we went to the pass and Bro Westrup has been bringing a friend to church. This was his second week there. He was in gospel essentials which we were teaching and we taught about the Holy Ghost and it went well and we asked him to be baptized and!!!... he said no... but he did say we could come by and teach him sometime but we didn't get an exact appointment. He said to make it through Bro Westrup. So we are trying to do that. Also we got a referral from the Kirtland Historic visitors center and we contacted him and he said he wanted to learn more but his girlfriend wasn't interested at all so he would call us with a time we could go by when he was home but his girlfriend isn't. He also lives in the middle of nowhere. In a little town called Frank. Where a big rock slide happened a long time ago and covered most of Frank so now it's a really small town. haha. I'm excited though. That's a lot of good happening. I can't wait to see how it all pans out.

The rest of the week was alright. Nothing too exciting. We had interviews with President Archibald on Wednesday and that took pretty much all day. It was up in Raymond which is a two hour drive for us and then we had interviews and training from the assistants and the zone leaders and Sis Archibald talked to each of us for a while and then we drove home. By the time we got back it was like 7:30. We did stop in Lethbridge for dinner with our district at Five Guys Burgers and Fries, which is actually pretty good.

That is pretty much our week though. It was a lot of fun and a lot of good things happening. I can't wait to tell you guys all about the ending of these stories! I hope I am here for them. Thanks for everything! I love you all!

Elder Townsend

World's most photographed tree...

World's smallest chapel

There are only four rows of those pews

Good old Pincher :)

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