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July 27, 2010

Hey everyone! Guess what? I'm getting transferred. How sad is that? I knew it was going to happen though. I really started to like this ward this last transfer and have started to see a lot of really good friends come from here and I've been able to see this place really progress and make a lot of progress since I've been here. So I figured since all of that has been happening it was really just time for me to leave. Sad, but true. But the good news is that I'm still in the west zone and I'm only going to be like a half an hour away from here. So I'll still be able to see missionaries and hopefully members from here every now and then. That's going to be sweet! So I'm going to an area named Cochrane. It is actually another city I think.... just a little one. It's kind of in the middle of nowhere and a little farm town. From what I hear at least. And we cover part of an Indian Reserve so that is going to be awesome! I'm going to go teach the natives! And the last people to be in that area, Elders Basinger and Estes, have seen a lot of success in that area so hopefully I can continue that out there! My new companion is Elder Mott. I don't really know much about him except that he is about a year out on his mission, and my zone leaders here say he is a pretty good guy. So I am excited to go over there and serve with him and see what good we can do together.

The rest of the week this week was a pretty good one too. We didn't do much on Pday except play basketball. It was actually really fun though because we told Richard that he should come and he did so that made things a lot of fun. I love that guy. He is hilarious! Then Tuesday we had district meetings and then we went with the Royal Oak missionaries, Gelwix and Lake, and taught Richard together. That was awesome! The lesson actually went really well and the four of us missionaries and Richard and Emma had a blast together. It's times like that that are really going to make me miss this area. I've had a lot of good memories and hopefully lifelong friends made here. Then after Richard we went and taught a bunch of members for the rest of the day.

Then Wednesday we went on exchanges so I went with Elder Lake into his area and had a blast. We planned our day and then went and taught Richard again. This time just me and Lake. And we couldn't take the car anywhere so we had Richard and Emma come to Royal Oak and then we taught them in the chapel in the building there. That lesson went really well too. And we had a lot of fun together then too. And afterward we spent a little bit of time throwing a football around and having Richard and Emma try to teach me how to throw a rugby ball.... I really suck at that game.... it's kind of sad. Then we went and had an awesome dinner with some members in their ward. They gave us delicious steaks and then ice cream cake. It was amazing. And they were a really funny family too. They had a bunch of kids and they were hilarious! And we taught them a lesson at the end of dinner and then went to someone else and taught them. It was a really fun day though. I really enjoy exchanges. It's kind of a break from your area and companion and just kind of a day to get yourself rejuvenated. haha

Then Thursday was a lot of fun too. We had weekly planning and then went and did some service for Sis Moraes and her daughter. They wanted to go get some dirt and then move it to the yard of their apartment to even in out. But we didn't have a truck so we just threw a tarp into their trunk and then threw all the dirt into the trunk. It was hilarious! The back of that car was very weighed down and it looked really funny as it was driving down the road. But we couldn't be in the car with them so we had to ride our bikes to the dirt pile and back twice. That sucked... it was a huge hill! I almost died! OK, not really, but it still wasn't fun! We had a lot of fun with that and then we talked to them for a while. They are a pretty fun family. I really enjoy being around them, and Sis Moraes is hilarious! She's from Brazil which for some reason just makes her even more fun to talk to. haha

Then the funniest thing happened Thursday night. We got a call from the AP's and they asked for me and then told me to put it on speaker and then asked if I knew what happened the Thursday before transfers and I said "training calls" and they were all, yep. So would you mind telling Elder Reese that he is training! And then I just burst out laughing! Because this whole transfer I told him he was training and then he just got mad at me. haha. But, indeed he is training and that meant that I was pretty darn sure that I was leaving the area. It is very rare that they make someone go into a new area to train. So I really just spent the rest of the week saying goodbye to people when I saw them. But that also meant that the next day on Friday we had to go to a trainers training meeting for Elder Reese. It went from twelve to five so it took up our whole day and we had to cancel on two investigators to go. And then we get there and it's all just about how the trainers need to act and what they need to do to be good trainers.... so what did I do? Just sat there with nothing to do because it was all directed at the trainers. They didn't even ask me questions or anything. So that was kind of a bummer. I basically didn't do anything on Friday. Tnd then we got back and Sam finally came back from his vacation and he wanted to take us to dinner so we went with him to Montana's and had some really good ribs. We talked to him for a while just about stuff. He said he would have us over on Monday night and we could have a lesson. But when Monday night came around he wasn't home. So I probably won't get to see him again ever. Maybe missionaries won't see him again ever. He is going back to Malaysia on Wed or Thurs to go see his mom who isn't doing to good health wise. And I don't think they have missionaries in Malaysia. So that was actually really sad for me. But I guess we planted a pretty good seed for him.

Saturday was awesome! Richard got baptized! I was so excited that I was able to be here for it. It really was a great day. The baptism went really well. It was pretty funny though because the Allen's did pretty much everything for it. They gave the talks, conducted, baptized him, and confirmed him. Which makes sense since it was Emma Allen who pretty much brought him to this point and he got to know the Allen's really well. But it was kind of funny too see them all doing that and it was also pretty funny because he had to be baptized into the Royal Oak ward but the bishop and ward mission leader in that ward didn't even meet him until that day... so that was really weird and semi humorous. haha. The service was amazing though. Emma's brother and Dad gave really good talks and it was awesome to see Richard be baptized. There is always a special Spirit at baptisms and I really enjoy going to them. Then after the baptism we went over to the Allen's house for some snacks and stuff and then we went and played some rugby. Again they tired to teach me how but I must admit. I really do just suck at that game. It is really fun though. I wish I was better at it. But we had a lot of fun with that. Then we went and I said goodbye to a couple more families and gave quick messages.

Then Sunday we went to our ward and that was pretty sweet. I said goodbye to a couple more people there and it was actually sweet because the whole ward, pretty much, met together for the third hour and bishop just talked a lot about how we need to always be looking for those opportunities to serve in our communities and make our presence as a church more well known and hopefully that will help to bring more people into the gospel. It was awesome to see that and to see how much the ward's outlook on missionary work has changed in the four and a half months I was here. It was sweet. And I also got a lot of comments from people about how much they appreciated the work that I had done in the ward and how great of a missionary they thought I was and how grateful they were to have had me here for this time. It was cool to see that. It was fun to hear all of those things and how much people appreciate the work that I do. It's nice to know that the work I put into this area is appreciated. It was so much fun to hear that. And I guess its a good thing that I am leaving this area now. I'm leaving it on a high note. With two baptisms! well.... one and a half.... Richard doesn't really count for this area. bummer eh? But I am excited. I love this area and the people here but I'm sure I'll like my new area as well.

Then Monday was pretty sweet as well. We did some service with the Atwoods and an older couple in our ward. We mowed their grass and weeded and then we went down to a potential investigators house and did the same thing for him. His name is Alf and then he showed us his 1940 Ford and his 62 Thunderbird.. they were pretty sweet. Then he took us for a ride in the Thunderbird. It was awesome! He's a pretty fun guy. Then we had a lesson with Mitch and Savanna. That went really well. Mitch is doing really well on quitting smoking and says he feels like a new man. So that was sweet to see! He just seems happier and healthier. The Word of Wisdom really does help with health! Then we had dinner with the Moraes and Emma and Richard at Angel's drive-in. It was delicious and fun! The six of us all squished into a little booth and we just had a blast. It was a great way to remember this area. I love it here. The people are great. The area is great and I just love it. I'm going to have to come back and visit one day.

That was my eventful week. A lot happened and it was awesome! And if it doesn't make sense I'm sorry. People keep calling and asking where I am going so I get distracted a lot. haha. Oh also, we went and found the Silver Springs on Monday. We walked down this wooden path to a place where these springs are coming out of the rocks and that is why this area is called Silver Springs. It was awesome. I cant believe a place like that was so close to me for four months and I never knew about it. It was amazing. Well, I cant wait to let you guys know how my first week in Cochrane goes. I love you guys! Have fun! Be safe!

Elder Townsend

'40 Ford
'62 ThunderbirdWalking to the silver springs
The waterfallTrunk full of dirt... haha

Me and Richard!

Matching ties!!
Me, Richard and Emma

Savanna, Mitch and me

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