Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 19, 2010

Hey everyone! How is it going? Hope you guys had an exciting week. I did. Exciting and crazy. I'm so tired.... only ten more hours before I can go back to sleep. But that is still way too far away.... it's going to be a long day... haha It was a pretty good week though. Just a really sad one as well.

Monday it hailed like crazy! It was insane! I've never seen so much hail! It damaged a lot of cars. In fact all of the Mandarin missionaries were at the same chapel for Pday and all of their windshields got destroyed! It was crazy. So none of them had cars this week because they were in the shop. It was a good time for it though because it is half click month this month so we only get half of the kilometers we would normally get. Which doesn't really affect me too much. I'm just stuck walking all the time because one of the missionaries we are in a car share with got planter warts on his feet so he can't walk. So I've been walking and riding bikes all this month. Which really isn't that bad. Our area is pretty small compared to others.

Tuesday we had zone conference. That was pretty sweet. I got to see a lot of people from my first area. I saw my trainer Elder Byington and that was awesome! I miss that guy! I also saw Elder Crippen. He was one of my ZL'S in the south and he is officially one of my favorite missionaries I've met out here. I love that guy. It was a pretty sad conference though. They always have the missionaries that are new this transfer bear their testimony and then the ones that are leaving this transfer. And Elder Crippen and Basinger are both leaving this transfer. (Basinger was another ZL in the south and is in my zone here as well) this is a pretty big transfer that is leaving and I got to know a lot of them pretty well. Crazy. I'm gonna miss those guys! Also at the lunch break I talked to President Archibald about what he thought we should do with Richard who has a baptismal date for this Saturday. We have been teaching him but he is YSA age and doesn't live in our area but asked of we could teach him because he has come to our ward for two months and knows us really well and the YSA Elders creep him out. Pres said we couldn't teach him but he could be taught by the missionaries in the family ward he is in so we had to give him to the Royal Oak Elders. Richard wasn't too happy about that but it isn't bad because we have just been going on splits with those Elders when they go teach him so it has worked out pretty well so far. But it does mean that he won't count as my baptism anymore. But in the end that doesn't really matter. What really matters is that he got baptized right?

Then Wednesday we were going to do exchanges and Reese was going to go with Gelwix to teach Richard and I was going to go with Lake and do.... something. But turns out Gelwix and Lake were on exchanges with the ZL's so I went with Elder Bradley one of my zone leaders. That was actually really fun. He is a funny guy and a really good missionary. I didn't really have anything planned for us to do though because I thought I was going to go to Royal Oak ward and do stuff there but at the last minute plans changed an we stayed in our area. So Bradley said we should go look through the area book and then pray about formers or potentials we should stop by so we did and then made a list and then before we left the apartment we prayed that some miracle would happen that day. Then we headed out. Not many people were home since it was four in the afternoon but we were able to find a former investigator home and we talked to him for a while and he said we were welcome to come back! How sweet was that? I was excited! I was so grateful for Elder Bradley and him teaching me a lot about missionary work while we were together. Turns out Fred, the former, when we went and talked to him the next day told us that he doesn't really like us but just wanted to be polite.... but hey, at least we know that now! haha

Thursday was pretty boring. Just a lot of lessons with members. Then Friday sucked! Everything fell through! It was crazy! And we got yelled at twice for being up in Greenwood Village when we were visiting members up there in the trailer park because the managers got mad at us because they thought we were proselyting up there. Which we weren't but they didn't believe us. So we might get kicked out the next time we go up there.... that could be interesting.

Then Saturday was sweet! We had a big Stampede breakfast as a ward at the church! It was awesome! It was all you can eat pancakes and sausage and there was line dancing and everything! It was outside and we had a lot of non members come that we were able to talk to for a while.... none that would want us coming by though.... but we had a lot of fun. This ward is hilarious!

I'm really starting to love this ward though! I really hope I don't have to leave on the 28th... but I probably will. I've been here 4 1/2 months now and it would be my luck that right as the ward starts to like and trust me and we are finding success in this area that I would get moved. I hope not though. As for the success. We do have Richard getting baptized this Saturday at one. That doesn't really count for our ward anymore though but I am going to go to it anyway. And we have Heather Halstead being baptized on the 31st at 6:30. That is going to be an awesome one! But as for the Somante family.... we haven't been able to see them in two weeks now... they haven't come to church. They don't have a phone so we can't call them. And every time we stop by their car isn't there, the lights are all off and the screen door is locked.... I think they got evicted since they couldn't pay their rent. So that is really sad. But at least we planted the seed, eh? So in the last week we have gone from six baptismal dates to one. Not a bad week... but I am still excited at the progress we have made in this ward and area. It's been sweet!

Thanks for everything guys! I love you all so much!

Elder Townsend

PS. good luck on your MTC experience Eric! haha

Angels Drive In... DELICIOUS!
Ice cream!All you can eat pancakes!
mmmmm..... (Dad i miss your pancakes and syrup. haha)Bowness park
Ridin my bike.... haha
What the heck is a washroom?!?!Water bridge over the Bow River

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