Saturday, June 12, 2010

Your Elders Working

Hi parents of Elders Reese and Townsend,

Not only are your sons great elders, but they helped us plant our garden on one of the few days we had no snow or rain. The first picture was taken a week ago after they cut our lawn and the other pictures were taken this past Saturday. They were willing workers and the pictures of them lazing about were staged. :)

Thanks for letting us have these fine men live in our home.

Wilford and Ann Woodruff

Lemonade, Elders, and freshly cut grass

What, work? Us?

Later ... we'll help later.

Oh look, see Wilford work. See Elders rest.

There you go, little plant.

Someday these will grow big and tall.

This little seed goes here.

Ahhh, a job well done.

Rain is falling all around.

I just knew she would try and soak me.

A little more moisture, a bit of sun.

I'm watching you -- where's the hose?

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