Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 21, 2010

Sac Pasé? ("what's up" in Creole) How was everyone's week? Mine was pretty good. It seemed like it went on forever though. I don't really know why. It has only been six days since the last Pday. But we had a pretty fun Pday last week and then Wednesday morning we woke up at 6:00am and went to a goodbye breakfast at McDonalds since half of our district was leaving. So that was fun. We got some pretty interesting people in our district now. We have Elder Lake who says he is a MMA cage fighter and Elder Porter who has been out 16 months but is still Junior companion to Elder Estupinan who is a concert pianist and has only been out for three months. And then you got me. District leader Elder Gelwix who is a rugby player and was on the Highland rugby team and then Elder Reese who is a Southern California beach bum who is too cool for good manners in members homes. Quite the diverse district if I do say so myself... and I do.
But we had a pretty good week here. We got a lot of lessons taught and we were able to get in and see Mitch and Savanna and teach them a pretty good lesson. I'm still not sure if they are ever going to be baptized. I just don't know what in the world is holding them up. They both have told us the Book of Mormon in true... so I just don't get it. But we got a lot of good member lessons in as well even though we were walking around in the pouring rain. Yes, as soon as we give the other elders the car it rains for three days straight. I would walk into a members home or in for the night and look like I had just jumped into a pool. I was drenched... and cold! And my shoes are not very waterproof and leather is not a very good insulator! Especially when wet! But it was fun. You just need to find ways to make things fun. And like our Young Men's President said in his talk yesterday, just say to yourself, "it doesn't get any better then this" and everything will just seem to get better. And it is true. After three days of rain it got beautiful and warm outside! Maybe even too warm. I would still come home wet sometimes but this water came out of my skin instead of the sky.
I have decided that I am really glad that I am still serving in this ward. I really enjoy it here. The members are really nice and the ones that aren't are starting to warm up to us. And even though I have to walk a lot, which makes things more fun anyway at times and we don't really have any progressing investigators you can still feel very productive and effective here. Although I have decided that I would have been pleased if I had gotten another companion, but I guess I can work with this one for another five weeks. He just does some things hat a missionary really shouldn't do or act like especially when around members. But every time I try to let him know things like that I get an attitude out of him. Like, I'm senior companion and know everything and I am from southern California and its ok to do these things where I am from. So I just gave up on trying to help him and now I am just hoping some member just comes out and tells him how it is sometime. But other then that things are going really well here. I wish we could find some more investigators but I've been trying that for three months. We'll see if my efforts can bring anything in five more weeks. I think that is all the longer I'll be in this area so I'm hoping to make it a great five weeks!
That was pretty much our week. Not too much more exciting. Although we did talk to the coolest guy ever! He was on a long board and was wearing girls shoes and one tall red sock and short shorts and a brown beat up shirt and a wizards hat on his really long hair and wearing harry potter glasses. His board said in big green letters "home is where you are", oh man. He was pretty much the coolest guy ever! I wish I got a picture of him. I almost asked if I could take one with him but that would have been weird. But one thing that I have learned on my mission is that all the weird people talk to us. So when you see a weird guy like that, don't judge him just go talk to him. Turns out he was a sweet guy! Just not too interested in the church but still willing to talk to us for a while. It was quite the experience. haha. Well that's it for me though. I hope you guys have a good week! I love you guys!

Elder Townsend

The west zoneWhy is it so bright outside still?!?!Its past ten!!!Darn Canada! Its hard to go to sleep at ten thirty when there is still light coming in through your window...

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