Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 9, 2009

Hey Everyone!

How is it going? It is going pretty good here. I've decided that Canada isn't all that bad. As long as you stay inside and you don't have to talk to anyone. haha So we didn't have the baptism on Sunday... mostly because the family that was going to come up from Cardston couldn't make it because of snow. It was pretty sad. It was weird though because the whole week before we were trying to get a hold of the French's to set up a baptismal interview and try to figure out the program of the baptism so we could get those printed, but they would not answer the phone or call us back when we left a message on the machine or with the kids. It was almost like they didn't really want it to happen. It was kinda weird but it sounds like the French's are kind of a sketchy family anyway so it might just be normal for them. Then Sunday night we did get a hold of them and they said they were planning on next Sunday now and they gave us the schedule for it all so we have the programs now... so let's pray that it actually happens this week eh?

Well other then that it was a pretty darn good week. On Thursday we went over to the Gardner's house. They are an awesome family. They are from England so they have an awesome accent. They told us that Sis Gardner's sister was in town from England and she was a less active member so they wanted us to come and "surprise" them with a lesson while she was there. So we dropped by Thursday afternoon and gave a wonderful first lesson to them. The lesson went really well and we answered all of her questions pretty good I thought. But she still didn't seem interested at all... I don't know if we changed her at all but we tried and did all we could do and it also helped us a lot in our teaching skills. So it was a pretty awesome experience!

Also on Sunday we had Stake Conference. It was pretty awesome. The talks were all about how the people that were giving them used their faith in Jesus Christ to help them get through hard times in their lives. It was awesome. It was amazing to hear all of their experiences even though most of them were pretty darn sad. But they also had to extend their talks a bit and they had some recent RM's talk because we were supposed to have a guy from the quorum of the seventy come... Elder Hafen... something with an H haha. that got stuck in Seattle on his way up here because the snow canceled all flights coming in and out of Calgary. It was kind of sad but it made for one awesome Stake conference anyway!

Sunday night we hitched a ride with the Coleman's, who we ate dinner with, (also a sweet family) to the First Presidency Christmas devotional. That was a wonderful experience. It got me ready for the holiday season and put me in the right mood for the Christmas time. I'm really hoping this Christmas I can really focus on the true meaning of Christmas. But thinking about Christmas and this time of year made me pretty sad that I wasn't at home this year. It is the first Christmas I'll have away from home... I don't know what I am going to do with my life... but I know it is going to be awesome and maybe one of the best Christmas's of my life so far. I am so excited for it and I hope you all are as excited as I am and I hope you are getting into the spirit like I am! haha

So you have heard me talk about the snow a couple of times already. But I don't think you guys understand what I mean when I say snow. I have never seen anything like that before in my life! It was so awesome and so much fun to see but oh so bad to be in! haha. Friday it started to snow a bit. It was really nice. It wasn't bad at all but it wasn't very much. Then we wake up on Saturday and it was perfectly clear it seemed like it was going to be an awesome day! But before we were done with our morning studies it was snowing again outside. So me and Elder Byington went outside and messed around for a bit and then went back inside to get ready to go out for the day. By the time we were ready it was getting worse outside and right as we were going to leave the zone leaders called and said the cars were grounded so we had to walk everywhere! Oh man. I was freaking out. I got all bundled up in about everything I had to put on. It was hilarious. So we headed out to walk all the way across our area in this blizzard!

It was weird. It didn't really snow all that much. At least for what it looked like outside. And it wasn't really all that cold just -8. But it was so windy! I don't think I have ever really seen snow when it was really windy. It was amazing. The snow was everywhere! As you were walking it just smacked you in the face constantly. It didn't matter which way you faced! The wind just blew the stuff everywhere! It was so much fun to watch. But walking around in it was horrible. We were out there from ten to two just walking from house to house and getting invited in a couple times for a bit. I actually stayed pretty warm except for my face and my feet. My toes were about to fall off. I didn't have boots at the time so I was walking around in church socks and leather shoes... not ideal for snow like that.. I thought I was going to die! But don't worry. I have some boots now. I borrowed some from this family near us, the Muirheads. They had a whole bunch of extra, practically new boots that their neighbor gave them when they moves to Texas. They said I could borrow them for this season. So sweet! I was pretty excited. I haven't used them yet though because the storm was gone by then. haha

It is pretty fun when it snows though. Because we walked around shoveling and getting peoples cars unstuck. Actually I guess it was Friday when it snowed pretty bad because then on Saturday we were walking to the Lacustas again to help them finish their basement and that is when we were shoveling and getting cars unstuck. I think a lot of people thought we wanted paid though so they didn't want us to help them... sad. That would be a really good way to make some extra money here though. Just go shovel for everyone. genius! Also, it made me realize how bad I need a touque (Canadian beanie) I saw one this one time up on Mt Lemmon back home that was blue and white and then had a big blue mohawk on it. It was so freaking cool! I wish I would have bought it! But I need to find one like that here or have my parents send me one for Christmas... wink wink nudge nudge. haha Anyway it was pretty fun.

Then yesterday we did even more service. The Stoddarts, the family I live with, wanted us to help them put a new floor down on their kitchen. So we planned for that and thought it would take like two hours. So we had the rest of the day planned too. Nope. That thing took ALL day! And we aren't even done yet! We started at ten and then took a lunch break at one and then worked until dinner. T Stoddarts fed us and then we went and taught a lesson to a member family at 630. Then at seven thirty when we got back and went to work on it again! haha. It was pretty fun though. I have never done anything like that before. But it made for an interesting day... and we had Miller and Holcomb come over at like 430. Well actually they just kind of showed up... but we were happy for the help! haha

But I think the highlight of my week was Monday night. We were driving around trying to figure out people to go see. And we were going to just drop by the Lacustas to see if we could just teach them a quick lesson. But Elder Byinton for some reason thought we should go over to the Irvines. So we went there and as we were pulling up they were pulling away. But we talked to them for a quick moment but they were on their way to the hospital because Sis Irvine is three months pregnant and was having some kind of problem. So they asked us to pray for them. So we got back into our truck and started to pray. But in the middle of our prayer we hear someone drive up next to us. So we looked and it was the bishop. So we talked to him for a bit and then the Irvine's drive back up to us and come over and ask if we could help give her a blessing. So me and Elder Byington went in and helped give her a blessing. Bro Irvine gave the actual blessing but it was the first blessing I actually stood in on out here on my mission. It was amazing. I could feel the Spirit and the love in that room so strongly. It was amazing and it was so awesome to see how the Spirit can guide us to places that we need to be and at the right time. It was also really
nice to see how quickly prayers can be answered. We didn't even get to finish that prayer but it was answered. It made me so excited to be out here on a mission and to be serving and helping the people in Calgary in any way that I can. I am so happy that I am out here.

Well I am so excited every week that I get to come and email you guys and to read the emails that I get. It is so nice to be able to hear about the things that are going on back home and that there is still a life going on back in the states. These darn Canadians are making me miss the states so bad! haha. Well it is so nice to be able to talk to you guys and to be able to hear how you are doing. I cant wait to talk to you guys again!

Elder Townsend

Those darn floors!
yeah, that says -27


me elder r elder m and elder byington! my hat was tiny! haha

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