Friday, December 18, 2009

December 16, 2009

Hey Guys! How is it going? This week went by really fast! It was a pretty awesome week. It has been pretty cold here the last week and a half or so. It has been down in the -30s. Which is darn cold! But it really isn't all that bad. Really it is just my face and my toes that get cold... and I am going to buy some snowboard socks today so that should fix the toe problem. haha. But today is actually really nice. A Chinook came in last night. Chinooks are pretty much the best thing in the world, I've decided. It was so nice when we walked outside this morning! I didn't need a coat or thermals or a sweater. It was awesome! But then the truck said it was still -4... that was weird... it did not feel like it was that cold still. That is like... 25 F?... I don't really know... but it doesn't even get that cold in Tucson. So I guess I really am getting used to it up here already... it is weird. Especially because it feels warm yet there is snow everywhere and I can still see my breath haha.

Well let's see. Most of this week was just a pretty normal week. Just walking around and trying to see as many people as we can and trying to teach as many lessons as we can. We are trying to get at least one lesson in every day. It is pretty hard to do sometimes though. But the highlight of my week was this Sunday!!! YES!!! The baptism actually happened this week! I was so excited! I got my first two baptisms in my first transfer! That is pretty much like unheard of here. It was awesome. And even though I didn't really teach them all that much and I basically just walked into them it was still a great experience for me. They were the first lesson that I actually taught out here. I taught them the second half of the fourth lesson and watched "The Testaments" with them and went over the baptismal interview questions. So I guess I did a little bit with them and I kind of got to know them even though they were not very talkative during the lessons. It was so awesome. Sunday was a very exciting day all together. I decided to fast for Jordan and Alexa and it made church that day very exciting. I couldn't really tell you everything that was talked about there but I just remember feeling the Spirit so strongly! It was awesome! And then we headed over to the stake center to make sure that everything was ready for the baptism.

The baptism was awesome in and of itself too! They had awesome talks given on baptism and the Holy Ghost by the young women's president and their rugby coach (yea... they play rugby. Isn't that awesome? Jordan is amazing at it! and she is HUGE! They are both like six two, six three. It's awesome.) Anyway, and their uncle/dad/guardian/willed parent... I don't really know what he is... and their other uncle performed the baptisms and the confirmations. We had font side confirmations too. That was an awesome experience. I was able to stand in the circle for them, along with like 15 other family members and such, and it was sweet. You could feel the love and the Spirit in the room so much. It made me so happy that they choose to do that in their lives. And it reminded me of my baptism and the covenants that I made there. It was sweet. And it really made me want to go out and find others to teach and bring that happiness into their
lives. oh man, it was a GREAT day. It made me so happy.

It made me happy that is... until I realized that now we have nobody to teach... dang... Well we have two investigators kind of. We haven't really taught them any lessons but we hope to soon. One, Jason, is an awesome guy. He is huge! He moves workout weight machines around for his job so he is one thick man. We haven't ever gone into his house though because his wife isn't interested at all. So we have just talked to him on his porch. He is reading in the Book of Mormon though and he is asking good questions about it though so that is good. And we kind of have an appointment with him to go to Bro Kollers house tonight, the ward mission leader who lives near him, and just talk about some things with him and go over the questions he has and maybe just read in the Book of Mormon with him. So hopefully we can do that and he can progress that little step farther so that we can eventually get into the lessons with him. That would be awesome!

The other one we have is Chris Burrows. We haven't really talked to him about the gospel at all yet... the missionaries before me went over when he asked a member friend if he could have a blessing before he went in to have eye surgery. So they did that and we have been pretty good friends ever since. Every two weeks or so we just go over and talk to him. Mostly just about life and what not. He is so fun to talk to and such an amazing guy. We add some religious stuff in here and there so he knows a little bit and we leave him with a message and prayer every time. So we hope to eventually get him out to church and maybe get into some of the lessons soon. That would be awesome. But other then those two guys we don't really have anybody else to teach but members...

Well anyway. so it is almost Christmas time! That is so exciting! We have transfers on the 30th... hopefully Byington won't leave me... he might though because he has been here like four or five months... but the missionaries that are going home this transfer are leaving early so they can be home for Christmas. Because the spent their first Christmas in the MTC and they don't want them missing three of them. So they are leaving this Thursday... that's tomorrow... wow... but one of them is one of our zone leaders. E Tompkinson. He is actually from Tucson... He lives on like Dodge and something... I don't really know where that is though. But I am so jealous of him. He gets to go back to the warmth... but this Monday at district and zone meetings we took a zone picture since he was leaving. So I got a picture of my zone that I will send you guys too! And also E Jensen who is actually from Canada but served here for a transfer until he could get his visa to go serve in Georgia. He is pretty sweet too. But it is weird to think that he came straight here and now is going to the MTC... I don't know how he did that but it would be a really interesting experience haha.
Also we got into the Christmas mood yesterday too! Sis Hawkes came over last night and brought us a little Christmas tree for our room. It was pre lit and had homemade ornaments on it. It was awesome and so nice of her. They are an awesome family! And now I have a place to put presents! haha any way. That was pretty exciting for us.

Also last night before dinner we went over to visit the Ady's, the older Ady's that live in the ward. So we have lived with the Stoddarts for over two years and they like us to only be there for a maximum of 24 months or something. So we have been looking for a house that we could move into with some members. The bishop finally found us one and it is the Ady's. They have a huge house and a giant basement that we are going to live in. We have our own entrance to the backyard and it is going to be sweet.

Well, that is really about all I have for this week. It was a pretty eventful week. I hope you guys have an awesome week and that you are staying warmer then I am! haha. I love and miss you all so much!

Elder Townsend


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