Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 2, 2011

Hello everybody for the one last time from the Canada Calgary mission! I still don't think it has really hit me yet that I am actually coming home... I still feel like I am going to be out her for forever! Maybe subconsciously I know and I am really nervous about coming home... either that or I got food poisoning. I got really sick last night and was losing a lot of liquids. haha. sad eh? I am really hoping I can start feeling better soon so I can actually eat the good food they give us in the mission home tomorrow. Anyway, sorry for the too much information. We had a really good week this week. I went on exchanges on Wednesday with the other Elders in our district. I went with Elder Perez who has only been out for 6 weeks now. We had a lot of fun. A member from one of my last areas, Sis Tredinnick took us to the Calgary Tower for lunch! That was sweet! I was glad I was able to get up there once before I left. Then we were finally able to get in with our investigator Robin again. We met with her at 6, but our priesthood didn't show up and we only had like 15 mins so we just talked to her at the door. It was good though and she came to church for the first time this month which was sweet! We taught a lesson during Sunday School and I just threw down on her and said that I was going home and the one thing I wanted her to know was that this is the only way she can be ready for the last days, because she worries about those a lot. I think it was really good. It definitely made her think. I just don't know what is holding her back from baptism... it's kind of frustrating really. She will get there eventually. Then on Friday we went on exchanges with our zone leaders and I went with Elder Gelwix. He came out with me and we were together for our two year mark. It was sweet. We had a lot of fun together. A member here named Chris took us to lunch to Tony Roma's and then these two sweet kids took us to a place called Moxies. It was fun. One of the Elders in our district was sick so we went to a couple lessons with the one that was feeling good that they had set up in their area. So that was sweet as well. Then Sunday was a lot of fun. We had this house of girls sign up on the dinner calendar for Halloween but we have to be in our apartment by six on Halloween so they switched it to Sunday. We had a big Halloween party and they even got a pumpkin that they had us carve. It was sweet. They are a really fun group of people. I am actually getting pretty sad to leave this area and to leave Canada. I have loved my mission and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have no regrets here. I could've worked harder at times for sure but I have made so many memories and so many friends that I will never forget! The mission really has taught me so much and it feels weird that it is ending. I know it has blessed me in my life and I hope it has blessed those I love. I pray for you all everyday! Well, this is my last email. I spend today with the zone for Pday and then tomorrow I spend the day in the mission home and then I'll be home for lunch on Thursday! I love you all and I can't wait to see you!


Elder Townsend

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