Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011

Hello everyone! How was your week? We had a pretty good week here. Things are starting to improve here which is awesome! Monday was pretty sweet. I don't remember if I told you about the three really weird looking guys that came to church on Sunday but on Monday for FHE we had a big Stampede pancake breakfast and they came to that as well and then performed for us. It was pretty sweet. The band is called Behind Sapphire. It's actually pretty cool music but the singer is really funny to watch while he sings. haha. Then we had a really good day on Tuesday. We had lessons with three less active members. They were all nice to us and let us in and one even had signed up on the dinner calendar. I like working with less active members. I have done it a lot on my mission and it is just as fulfilling if not more so to bring them back then to baptize people. It's sweet. But speaking of baptizing people! We found a new investigator on Tuesday!!! OK... we didn't really find her. She was a referral from missionaries in Okotoks (suburb if Calgary) She is awesome though. Her name is Robin Roberts and she is going to be baptized! She didn't accept a baptismal date yet but she got really emotional and said she would think about it. So I know she will. She just has family pressure I think. We are teaching her again this next week. Hopefully that goes well. She was going to come to church but she is unemployed and someone gave her a job for the day on Sunday so she couldn't come. We are going to have her talk to the ward employment specialist sometime too. That should be good. Anyway, she is amazing and freaking solid and she WILL be baptized. I am excited.

Then Wednesday we had interviews with our mission president. Those went really well. I really enjoyed it. It's the first time that Pres Archibald really just talked to me instead of giving some pre thought about little training. It was sweet. Then we had a couple lessons as well and then Thursday wasn't all that exciting. We are running pretty low on kilometers already so we walked around a lot that day and got a couple lessons in and then Friday we had a special training about how and why we should be keeping daily contact with our investigators. So that was good. But they did take three hours to explain something they could have taught us in one hour. It was still good. A lot of graphs and statistics as always. Then we had a couple lessons after that then Saturday we helped this one girl move. Her name is Lachele Wickens. She's sweet. Probably one of my favorite people in the ward. Luckily she moved within the ward still. Then she took everyone out for pizza that helped move. Always delicious. Then we had a couple lessons that night as well. Then Sunday was pretty uneventful. We went to church which was good and then went to choir, I don't know why because neither of us can sing. Then had dinner with the Bishop and a lesson after that. It was good but, Bishop lives really far away so we had to use a lot more kilometers then we would have liked. We are going golfing today so I am excited! A member owns a really nice golf course called Elbow Springs. I am excited to go golfing. But it is a really nice one and they say you have to be good or people behind you will get mad... I haven't golfed in a really really long time. I don't even think I went that often the year before I came out if even at all... so hopefully I wont suck enough to get people mad at me. Wish me luck! haha.

Well, I hope you all have a great week! I know I will try to have a good one here. And to all of you Townsend's and family I hope you have a blast up in Bear Lake! Thanks for everything! I love you all!


4th of July celabrations haha
Me and Elder WorthingtonPancake breakfast!
The crowd at the breakfast. Well one side of it. We were in the middle of it all.
Waffles on a stickThe place where we got waffles on a stick :)

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