Saturday, February 12, 2011

Februrary 8, 2011

Hey! What is up? How is the party in the states going? I hear "it's a party in the USA" haha. Well, I had a little bit of a party here in Canada. Good old Pincher Creek. Actually it kind of sucks here. It is cold and it's snowing A LOT! More then they have seen here in like 5 years. And it's freaking windy! I hate the wind... its official. I ran out of money last month so I couldn't buy stamps to send mail to you guys so I got money this month went and spent $20 on stamps to hopefully last me a while and what happens? We open the door to the car and the wind sends all of them flying!! So that sucked. I wasn't too happy. So all of you waiting on mail from me... (especially Michael) I'm sorry. I'm trying... hopefully I'll have some in the mail today though. Speaking of mail. Another reason why I don't like Pincher Creek is I haven't gotten mail in forever! We were supposed to get it at zone conference but the assistants forgot to bring it... darn assistants. So I won't get mail until transfers probably. So that sucks. Why can't I just go back to Calgary where I get it like once or twice a week? haha.

Anyway. I really did have a little bit of a party here I promise. We were able to teach Danyelle again. That went pretty well. We taught lesson three and set a date for her to be baptized on the 19th. So that was sweet. That was on Saturday. We also got her to commit to coming to church. So Sunday morning we got up and called her to make sure she was still planning on coming before we drove all the way out to the pass to be with her. She said she was coming but she also said that she thought the 19th was too soon to be baptized. So we have to work on that again. Then we got to church and I realized we forgot to tell her church was three hours long so she wasn't too happy. Her kid was hungry and tired the whole time. So she was busy with him the whole time. I don't know how much she got out of it. She left early so we didn't get to talk to her about it. Then Monday we called her and all she really said about it was that it was too long. We are teaching her again tomorrow and she wants to do the seven day stop smoking program so she must not be too mad at us. haha.

So we were in the pass on Sunday. Which was weird. There were only 20 people in church and it was sacrament meeting. The only people that bore their testimony were us and Pres Hummell and another guy. Then they ended sacrament 20 mins early. So that was weird. Especially for being the first sacrament meeting an investigator came to. The members love us out there. They don't get to see us too often. So someone invited us over for lunch so we went there. That was fun. He is the high priest group leader and they live in this fun little mobile home that they turned into a log cabin looking place. It was sweet. Then we stopped by some part member families and less actives and then someone had us for dinner and then we drove home. A nice full day in the Crows Nest Pass. We are trying to find a way to get out there more. Maybe stay at a members house out there overnight or something because it kills our kilometers driving out there too much.

Then Monday was sweet. The Wright's took us out snowshoeing. It was awesome. The Wrights are really fun and they took their dog with us. So they take us out to Beauvais Lake and we start up this trail and we are trying to get up to a peak they haven't been to before. so we start out on this "trail" if you can even call it that. We were walking through trees and following orange signs that were nailed to trees. The snow came up to our knees even with snow shoes on. The dog disappeared when it jumped in. haha. It was really fun though. Then the trail ended and we started to make our own trail. It got really steep with a lot of snow. We crawled for parts of it. It was well worth it though. The view from the summit was definitely worth the effort. Coming back down the steep part took us 15 mins... it took us an hour to get up it. haha. It was a pretty fun Pday though. I am freaking tired and sore now, but it was awesome. I loved it. They want to do it again in a couple of weeks and since there isn't anything else to do here in Pincher, I'm looking forward to it! haha. It helps that the Wright's are awesome. He is an RCMP and she is a hair dresser and they are hilarious! I love going over there.

That was pretty much my week though. Pretty exciting. A party if I do say so myself. Thanks for everything! I love you guys!

Elder Townsend

snow shoeing
the "trail" haha

the summit

the wrights

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